His sandals made a soft clipping sound as he rushed into the shrine, pushing past the gawkers and the gossips. Dust clung to the sweat on his face and his odor clung to his tunic; he’d risen with the sun and already walked half the day just to whisper into the god’s ear.

He stopped only to make a quick offering of fresh lavender and rosemary, herbs from his sister’s garden. He paused, took a few deep breaths to collect himself, and removed the pungent grasses from his satchel, murmuring a quick but sincere prayer before gently offering the herbs to the fire.

Please hear me. Please answer.

Cupping the fragrant smoke and washing it over his head in purification, he already felt more at ease although he’d never had more urgency than he had today.

He approached the statue of Hermes, messenger of the gods, and waited for his turn before standing on tiptoe to reach the god’s ear. When he was done whispering his secret worry he swiftly covered both ears with his hands and ran back into the bright sunlight. He glanced around at the gawkers and gossips he had so crudely pushed aside a few moments before. He wondered from which tourist or which gossiper his deliverance would come. He unplugged his ears and listened– waiting for the first snatch of conversation, and the answer to his prayer, to come to his ears.


Cledonomancy is the practice of divination through bits of overheard conversation. Many of us have had moment of cledonomancy– you know when you’re lost in deep thought about something and suddenly your attention is brought back to the present moment just in time to hear someone nearby say something that feels like it was said just for you in just this moment? Or when you turn on the car and the line of the song on the radio at that moment is just perfect? That’s cledonomancy.

You don’t need to visit the shrine of Hermes in ancient Greece to play along (although the shrine still exists to this day). The next time you’re in need of a message from the gods, find a quiet spot in a crowded place and say your prayer. You could be in the restroom of a restaurant or shopping mall, in a church or even in your car, about to turn on the oracle of radio. Say your prayer and walk back out into the crowds or turn on your car– plugging your ears is optional and dependent on your willingness to attract attention. What is the first clear snippet of conversation you hear? What is the song playing on the radio?

I’d love to hear about it!


Hey everyone! My first intuitive mentor, Anna Sayce, has interviewed me on her blog. In the interview we talk about how I developed my intuition and some of my more extraordinary dream experiences– experiences I haven’t shared anywhere else!

Head on over here to read the interview and to check out Anna’s incredible work.

image of Hermes by Anonymous

image of Anna Sayce and Darla Antoine created by Anna