I’m an official (on the payroll) guest lecturer at Rutgers University this fall!

Oh man am I so excited to dip my toes back into academia. I went from being fully immersed in graduate school, studying food and cultural identity/legacy at the University of New Mexico to being fully immersed in motherhood.

It feels like a sweet relief to come out of “retirement” to start lecturing about more than table manners, hygiene and picking up after oneself.

This fall semester I will be an official guest lecturer for an Honors course titled “The Evolution of Food, Crops, and Cooking from Pre-historic Times to Today.” 

I’ll be joining the class like George Jetson via Skype a few times throughout the semester to lecture on topics such as: colonialism, slavery, migration, the Wild West expansion and food heritage preservation; as well as growing your own food, urban gardening and biodiversity and food as cultural markers.

I’ll also help students craft and hone the first draft of their final paper: A 10 page report on their own food heritage.

AND I’ll be screencasting the lectures to share with you right here.

Stay tuned! Any Rutgers alum in the house?