NOW THAT THE TRICK-OR-TREATERS have come and gone, you have until sunset tomorrow night (November 2nd– and some say until November 10th) to take advantage of the thinning of the veils and indulge in some divination!

The idea is that, with the spirit world in general and our ancestors in particular, so close to the world of the living that now is the perfect time to do divination because 1) you can get your message/hopes/fears across to your ancestors more easily and 2) they can respond/influence the outcome of the divination that more easily as well.

But remember that it’s also easier than ever to accidentally get messages from some bullshit spirit who just wants to mess with you. I advise always saying a prayer of protection and calling in your ancestral guardian before doing divination and it’s even more important at this time of year.

So, to whet your appetite and to encourage a little divinatory exploration, I’ve rounded up a few divination techniques to give a try tonight!

Dirty Dozen Divination Dalliances

Escaping Stars has an Ancestor Tarot Spread that I am looking forward to trying tonight. I’m going to queue up this “epitome of music for divination” while I’m at it!

Briana Saussy has an Evening With The Ancestors community altar class that I can’t wait to download.

Don’t forget that you can bob for apples and use the apple peel as a love divination

No time like tonight to try your hand at tasseography, aka reading tea leaves!

Oomancy (egg divination) is my newest favorite divination and you interpret the shapes the same as in tea leaf readings/coffee readings.

Here’s a great tarot spread meant to help you communicate with departed loved ones tonight! I am definitely going to be lighting a few candles and trying this one.

Or create an ancestral altar (you’ve taken my free course, right?), light a candle and get busy candle gazing. It has amazing physical benefits too!

One of my favorite divination practices is Charmcasting and if you treat this time of year as the new year (and it is, energetically and spiritually) this is a wonderful time to get some answers for the next year. As a side note, I’ll be following up on the results of my charmcast for 2016 soon!

And finally, one more tarot spread. This on is called Heal Your Bloodline: A Necromantic Tarot Spread, you know I’m all about ancestral healing!

However, simply lighting a candle and offering a bowl of water and/or some festive goodies to your ancestors is enough to get started on divination tonight. Express gratitude for your life and for their guidance and protection, ask a question and then sit in silence for at least 5 minutes and see what messages or thoughts come through.

Happy Spiritual New Year everyone!


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