Happy Full Moon in Gemini!

TODAY IS A GREAT DAY to take a moment and reflect on how far you’ve come since the New Moon in Gemini that occurred on June 4th of this year. As the New Moon is a time of rest and reflection and of making plans, the Full Moon is a time of completion and of taking stock of all that you’ve accomplished. How much has your life changed since June? How much of it was conscious? How much of it was subtle or unconscious? Gemini, in particular, rules communication and information collection. What have you learned in the last six months? How have you applied it? How have communication issues resolved (or not) since the New Moon in Gemini?

It’s become quite a trend for New Age goddesses to worship the moon. While I think a return of devotion to the natural world is wonderful, because there has been a huge disruption (thousands of years) between the ancient ways and the 21st century social-media driven ways in which we are trying to return to the ancient ways, I’ve noticed a lot of romantic and, frankly, incorrect, notions about the moon floating around.

Now, I am no expert. BUT I am a scholar and a journalist first, and a woo-woo second. I tend to ask questions and ask “why” a lot. I don’t jump into ceremonies, rituals or the bandwagon without asking these questions. More importantly, I have been trained to not only ask myself and others questions, but to ask questions of the elements, deities and natural forces with whom we are desiring communion. Communion, after all, means a co-creation of meaning. It’s not a one-sided process.

That said, here are some misconceptions about the moon, and the Full Moon in particular, that I have noticed. Again, this is my point of view. You’re welcome to disagree. But I think it’s important to at least have these ideas and differing concepts presented and considered. Remember, scholar and journalist over here *points at self,* which means I’m also a skeptic.


The Full Moon is Masculine

The period from when the first sliver of moonlight begins to show in the sky after a New Moon, until the Full Moon begins to shrink, is a masculine phase. The moon is waxing, growing. It’s a time of action, of focusing energies outward and of striving and achieving. The Moon is reflecting the light of the Sun. It’s important to remember that the Moon does not have her own light.

What age has most of the world been in these last 2,000+ years? The age of the Son (Sun) of God. The age of the God of Light. The age of enLIGHTenment. The dawn of electricity. The New Age of Love and Light.

Light. Light. Light. is Masculine. Masculine. Masculine.

And that is a wonderful thing. We’ve gone through this age for a reason. BUT. When New Age goddesses worship, honor, or otherwise show devotion to the Full Moon, they aren’t really showing devotion to the quintessential divine feminine energy that they may think they are. They are literally worshiping the reflection of a masculine energy, not even the direct masculine energy. And this is just fine, save for the fact that they are doing one thing while thinking that they are doing another.

So. If you want to show respect or reverence for the Moon and for the quintessential divine feminine energy, what should you do instead?

The New Moon is Feminine

The New Moon, the dark moon, the moon you cannot see, is actually feminine. It’s also the phase of the moon where spirits and other energies are at their strongest. It’s difficult to worship something you can’t see. It’s difficult to post captivating social-media pictures of darkness. It’s difficult to try to engage in spiritual ritual at the New Moon and be faced with evidence that the spiritual world is real, with thoughts, motives and actions of its own, and not just a psychological state of being. It’s difficult to engage in spiritual ritual at the New Moon and be faced with the fact that real spiritual practice and engagement requires responsibility. It requires learning how to properly protect yourself and your space. It requires learning how to properly cleanse and clear yourself, your space and your spiritual objects (not under the light of a full moon or a dark moon). It requires learning how to ask nature and the elements if it’s okay to do X or Y and it requires being willing to hear and accept a “No.” It requires acknowledging that the spiritual world does not exist solely to love, support and serve you. It requires acknowledging that some Earth and natural spiritual energies are horrible. Horrendous. Ugly. Pure Evil with a capital “E.” It requires acknowledging that spiritual work and spiritual practice, real spiritual work and practice, is dangerous. It requires acknowledging that spiritual work means tiptoeing the line between life and death. It requires acknowledging that there are no guarantees that you won’t be pushed across that line before you want to be or before you’re ready.

It requires radical responsibility.

Just as you would expect from a Divine Mother.

The Full Moon Is A Tipping Point

The Full Moon is a tipping point between the masculine and the feminine. We linger at the top of our achievements and success before slowly rolling into a phase of rest, reflection and directing our energies inward.

The Full Moon is also a metaphor. Just as the Full Moon has always reflected the sun’s light, for too long, we women have tricked, forced or limited to only reflecting masculine power and energy. Even “feminine” forms of spirituality have reflected masculine ideals and behavior. Sure, perhaps we’ve also diffused this masculine energy, we’ve helped to bring more of a balance, we’ve worked to join masculine with the feminine. But all of those efforts still revolve around a masculine source. It still isn’t in balance.

We Are At A Tipping Point

That is what the new age is really acknowledging. To tip over to the other side, to tip the scales into balance, we need to re-learn to not be afraid of the dark. To navigate by the stars. We need to embrace the darkness. We need to explore it.





In love and darkness,

image 1 & 2: MysticMamma

image 3: unknown