Today, I’m going to teach you how to use yesterday’s Astral Light Method to charge and imbue talismans, amulets and other sacred objects as part of your spiritual practice.

Knowing how to empower an object to protect you or amplify your power can do wonders for keeping you sane during periods of Darkness or long dark nights of the soul. It can help alleviate unnecessary emotions and negative thoughts that are bogging you down and not serving any purpose. It can help you imbue an object with a lesson or a memory that you don’t want to forget. Say you’ve inherited your grandmother’s wedding ring. Wearing it keeps her memory close and reminds you of some happy memories you had with her. Creating a talisman or an amulet out of the object can only serve to increase the power that object holds and can make the memory/lesson even more vivid. Say you want to pass the ring on to your daughter; you can use the Astral Light Method to make it an amulet to protect her– an amulet already infused with three generations of love. Pretty powerful stuff.

But first, just so we’re clear, I want to establish the difference between a talisman and amulet:

Amulets can be any object (jewelry, statues, figurines, a doorway, etc.) programmed to ward off evil or negativity.

Talismans, on the other hand, are usually stones (precious or semi-precious), and are usually made out of a piece of jewelry. Rather than warding off energies, talismans are worn to amplify a person’s personal power, which naturally keeps other energies away. The more personal power you have, the more powerful your talisman. Reminder: you can increase your personal power by doing the Astral Light method frequently.

Talismans (for personal use)
It’s best to empower a talisman on day that you feel extra vibrant or good. You can always recharge it if/when need be, so do your best in choosing a good day. If there is ever a better day, recharge it.

Begin by choosing a piece of jewelry that you wear often, or would like to wear often.

Wash and clean the jewelry the way you normally would. You can dab some unused spiritual bath water, Florida water or rose water on it as well so long as it won’t damage the jewelry. Bonus points if you can go out in the sun with your jewelry and soak up some rays for 15-20 minutes.

Now go through the Astral Light Method, directing the light into the jewelry (hold the jewelry in front of you). You can say a prayer or talk to the talisman if you would like. Ask what you want of it, ask it to have an imprint of your power and energy. After the light door has closed, you can take it a step further and ask a spiritual ally to also bless the object. This could be your ancestors, a guide, a spirit animal, etc.

Wear the object.

Remember to repeat this process on future days that you are feeling extra strong and vibrant. Wear the jewelry all of the time if you can, but especially if you are feeling down, depressed, lethargic, etc.

And again, more is not better. When it comes to spiritual matters, simple is key. It’s better to do this with one object you wear all the time than with a dozen pieces of costume jewelry that you are always mixing and matching.

Amulets (for personal and property protection) and Fiery Protection Oil
Before you begin, you will want to make a protection oil. You can buy protection oil too, but it’s easy to make: with a little oil (olive oil, castor oil, veggie oil, almond oil, etc.) in a small jar, add cinnamon, chili pepper, black pepper, red pepper flakes, or anything else “hot.” (just use the one thing, not all). OR use some red brick dust (you can smash a brick). You can use it immediately but you might want to let it sit for a few days.

Amulets can be anything. They can be a piece of jewelry. They can be a garden gnome figurine. The do tend to work better if they are made out of an Earth element (clay, stones, brick, plaster, etc.).

Choose an object you feel drawn to and based on what it will be protecting. If you want an amulet to protect your house, for example, then you may want to use a garden statue of some sort. if you want an amulet to protect your children, then a piece of jewelry or a small stone they can carry in their pocket would be a good choice.

Make sure this object has never been used for prior spiritual purposes. If it has, go through 3-5 days of daily cleansing: wipe it down with Florida water or unused spiritual bath water and smoke it with incense. Once a day for 3-5 days.

Next, come up with one or two words that represent what you need from this amulet. Simple is best: GO AWAY, PROTECTION, STAY SAFE, etc. You can write, etch, paint or draw this on the object if you want to. Or slip a card underneath the object with your word(s) written on it, if you want to (optional).

Now repeat your word(s) to the object 99 times, or a specific number of times that is sacred to you or until you intuitively feel that the object has been programmed.

Anoint your object with your fiery protection oil. Just do a few drops. You can do it in the shape of a cross or pentagram if you want to. Say a few words about the function of this new amulet, think about the function, and then blow it into the amulet with your breath.

Now use it! Wear it, carry it, place it by your front door, bury it in your yard, etc. Every two weeks or so you will want to repeat the anointing and breathing steps so that the object holds its charge. You’ll know when and how often.

If you have any questions or would like to show off a picture of your talisman or amulet– or tell us a story about an object that served as a talisman or amulet during a rough patch, head over to Instagram and tag me: @the.undomesticated.soul

Tomorrow, in part 3 of this series, we’ll be exploring jewelry, the Dark Goddess and sacred adornment a bit further.

In Love and Darkness,

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