These last few days we’ve talked about the power of having a talisman or an amulet to wear when things are dark or bleak or when you are immersed in Divine Darkness (a dark night of the soul). But there’s another side to Divine Darkness: Instead of being a dark night of the soul, Divine Darkness is also the power, strength, resolve and confidence that a dark night of the soul demands from you. Divine Darkness is the reservoir of strength and wisdom inside each of us women. It’s a reservoir that the Patriarchy has demanded we keep buried. Witches, boogey men and other dark tales have been invented to keep us afraid of the dark found in these reservoirs. But every generation sees more and more women standing up and declaring that they aren’t afraid of the dark. That they intend to wield the birthright of their dark, feminine, reservoir of strength . . . and beauty.

That’s right, beauty is a deep and powerful strength for women. You’re probably a little bit afraid of your beauty. You might even be in denial about your beauty. But you ARE beautiful.

You’ve probably been taught to care about your looks but don’t become vain.You’ve probably experienced first hand the power of beauty, whether in yourself or in watching another woman wield it. You know that beauty has power and you know that that power can be abused.

As women, our relationship to and with beauty is often complicated. Either we care too much about our looks or we care too little. Either we beat our bodies into submission or we ignore them. We are experts at filling our bodies with self-loathing. We are experts at polishing our bodies until they shine in just the way society tells us we are allowed to shine.

No matter you own history and relationship with your body and with your beauty, there is one simple thing you can begin doing today that can help you either bring your body and your relationship with your body back into balance, or help you honor your body and your beauty in a healthy way: Sacred Adornment.

Yes, your body is a temple. Yes, you can, and should, adorn it to your liking. Sacred Adornment is also a fantastic outlet for creative and self-expression. How many times have you heard messages about the “kind of woman” who wears too much jewelry or too much makeup? Fuck that. Or how many times have you heard messages about how au natural is the best beauty look? Fuck that too.

This week, I want you to wear what you want to wear because it feels good. Think of it as an experiment. Wear a dinner dress because it makes you feel good even though you’re a stay-at-home mom. Wear makeup even though your Dad gave you hell about wearing makeup as a teenager. You’re not a teenager anymore and you’re not under his roof anymore. Show off your best jewels. Or, if you’re afraid of anyone ever seeing you without a full face of makeup, dare yourself to go out in public with a bare face.

The point is, there is power in how we adorn and express ourselves. When we give in to expectations and rules that others (usually men) have for what is appropriate and what isn’t appropriate in how we adorn ourselves, we give away our power.

Instead, practice embracing and reclaiming your power.

In Love and Darkness,

Image from here— check out her other beautiful curvy boudoir shots! She’s so sexy!