According to the new insights of behavioral epigenetics, traumatic experiences in our past, or in our recent ancestors’ past, leave molecular scars adhering to our DNA. Jews whose great-grandparents were chased from their Russian shtetls; Chinese whose grandparents lived through the ravages of the Cultural Revolution; young immigrants from Africa whose parents survived massacres; adults of every ethnicity who grew up with alcoholic or abusive parents — all carry with them more than just memories.

  • New favorite find: Jennifer Racioppi. Jenn is an astrologer and life/biz/health coach who suffered a hysterectomy at age 20 (!!). Her life and her emotions were a mess until she learned how to chart the moon as a stand-in for her menstrual cycle. She now offers coaching at the sweetspot between astrology and life/biz/health.
  • I love talking about the things no one is talking about– especially if it’s difficult or awkward (ha! Cancer sun meets Aries moon). Although I haven’t read this book, I recently recommended it’s topic to a client: Liberating Losses: When Death Brings Relief
  • In honor of women’s history month, I’ve been posting interesting women with little-known stories on instagram.  Recent features have included Mourning Dove, an Okanagan (my tribe!) woman who was one of the first Native American novelists AND who featured a half-blood protagonist who happened to get a happy ending at the end of the book (not a common theme for half-blood characters 100 years ago). I’ve also featured Lucrecia de Leon, a Spanish girl whose dreams were used to spy on France and England AND Harriet Tubman, who, little-known-fact, dreamt/dream-scouted the routes of the Underground Railroad before she took them. She never once lost a passenger or got caught either.
  • Speaking of dreams, my course: A Course In Dreams has been completely revamped, redesigned and re-released in the School of Dreams and Divination! There are several modules available as a free preview as well.
  • Finally, I have a secret. I hosted a Divine Darkness symposium in January and have been promising a follow-up symposium . . . well the symposiums are about to get a whole new look and attitude. Watch this space for more 😉
  • Love the photos in this post? Me too. They are from the bohemian home decor site,

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