Mercury Retrograde Gets Blamed For Communication Issues, But Are We Missing The Point?

Mercury went retrograde yesterday, April 9th, which means Mercury appears to be going backwards in orbit from our vantage point on Earth right now. Mercury goes retrograde three or four times a year for about three weeks each time.

As the planet that rules communication, all sorts of wonky things can happen during a Mercury Retrograde (Rx). Last year, my husband and I loaded a shipping container in the States and shipped it to Costa Rica. There were some miscommunications and mess ups and the container was, I kid you not, held in port for the entire three weeks of Mercury Retrograde. The day Mercury went direct our container finally left port and headed for Costa Rica.

Mercury's orbit. It only appears to be going backwards in relation to the Earth's orbit. Mercury’s orbit. It only appears to be going backwards in relation to the Earth’s orbit.

What To Do During Mercury Retrograde

As a general rule of thumb, it’s smart to check and re-check any communication during Mercury Rx. Mercury Rx is also considered to be a time when progress and productivity will wane a bit. Big purchases are advised against, as something will likely go wrong with the item or the transaction, and signing contracts, especially without going over them with a fine tooth comb, is also advised against during a Mercury Rx.

What can you do?

It’s been said that any actions that begin with “Re” are good ideas at this time:

Relax. Reinvent. Redo. Reiterate. Reconnect. Reflect. Respond. Rethink. Reframe. Retreat. Review. Reconsider. Return. Receive. Repeat.

Notice anything?

All of these words reflect feminine ways of being and doing.

What if Mercury Rx is really just a cosmic balancing of energies? A chance for a masculine-ruled planet/energy to balance the scales a bit? What if instead of jumping hoops to survive Mercury Rx, we relax into it and consciously explore a feminine way of communicating?

Instead of trying to outsmart Mercury Rx, go with it’s flow to the best of your abilities:

Relax. Reflect. Respond. Reconnect. Retreat. Receive. Repeat.

Mercury is, after all, the messenger of the gods.

In love and darkness,


P.S. Mercury is retrograde in 2017 during the following dates:

  • April 9 – May 3
  • August 12 – September 5
  • December 3 – December 22