I began mentoring privately with intuitive counselors almost a decade ago. Of all of the ways I’ve learned to access higher guidance and increase the clarity around those messages, one tip has by far been the most effective and practical:

Keep an intuitive journal.

The idea is simple. Have a notebook dedicated to recording all of the ways you interact with your intuition. Did you pray for guidance on something? Write it down and date it. Did a strange synchronicity occur? Write it down and date it. Did you pull a tarot card about The Thing and now you’ve decided to do this not that?

Yep. Write it down and date it.

Then get in the habit of reviewing this journal regularly. Say– every Sunday. Pretty quickly you will start to notice patterns and repeated intuitive events that were all pointing towards an action or a solution. This is beneficial for three reasons:

1: If you hadn’t been keeping track it would have been super easy and super probable that you wouldn’t have noticed the several ways your intuition was coming to your aid. You might have even dismissed all the signs altogether.

2: You now have concrete proof that your intuition exists and is working to conspire in your favor. Proof. It is so much easier for your brain to surrender to something that has some sort of form or substance. By writing down your intuitive hits, synchronicities, signs and other magical occurrences, you’ve given form to the formless. Your brain is now a more willing participant in this whole “letting go and letting God” business.

3. You also have a better idea on how exactly you receive intuitive/divine guidance. Is it a song lyric in your head? Quirky license plate messages? A feather on the ground? A strong gut instinct? All of the above? Something different and wackier? Whatever it is, you’ll now be able to recognize it more clearly when it’s in front of you and you’ll be primed to trust it.

If you want to amplify your intuition, receive more divine guidance and clarity in your life, my recommendation is simple: Keep and intuitive journal.


I’ve taken this concept a step further and included dream messages (when we dream we are in the same brain state as life long deep meditators and we’re literally halfway between this world and the next. Divine guidance is so easy to receive in dreams) and moon/womb cycles– all of which affect each individual woman’s intuition differently.

The latest version of my dream, divination and lunar intuitive journal, DIVINA, is now available. Order it and get started on your own intuitive journaling practice right away! All of the journaling prompts for each day are already laid out for you. In addition, part one of the journal is a 22 page how-to that dives deeper into the whys and how of keeping an intuitive journal.


If receiving divine guidance while you sleep is something that sounds pretty darn cool to you (it is!) but you have a hard time remembering your dreams, you don’t know where to even begin trying to interpret them, or you want to know how to dream intentionally, this course is for you.

Four modules with several PDF/audio lessons in each module: Recalling and Re-entering Dreams, Dream Interpretation Techniques, The Ancient Art of Dream Incubation plus Dreamwork For Kids and How To Work With Nightmares.

And if you know anyone who is a strong dreamer, wishes they were, or who is trying to amplify their intuition/see more magic around themselves, please forward this article to them!

In love and sacred darkness,