At the end of August, 2017, I traveled to Oregon to begin a six-month practitioner training in ancestral medicine. A large portion of this training is dedicated to healing and receiving the blessings from our own ancestral lineages– specifically all eight lines from all eight of our great-grandparents. This not only gives us a great deal of practice, but it helps keep the healing modality in integrity: because I will be well with my ancestral lineages before I begin helping you with yours.

As I was healing my mother’s, mother’s, mother’s line I received a beautiful vision:

She shows me the garden built on the bones and ashes of my ancestors and she shows me the sun shining down on this garden. In between the garden and the sun I can see the air particles. A lot of the particles are dirty, ill and full of all sorts of sicknesses. She explains to me that “the ancestors hold up the sun.” She goes on to explain that as we begin to tend to our untended dead, we begin to metaphorically AND literally “clear the air” between the sun and the earth– making the quality of life here on earth be that much richer and healthier and allowing the sun to do it’s job of warming, protecting, nurturing and cleansing the earth with less impediment.

She showed me the sun shining down, free of dirty air particle filters, and nurturing our ancestral gardens. She showed me beautiful, healthy, things growing up out of those beds. Beautiful, healthy children. Beautiful, healthy lives. Beautiful, healthy experiences. Beautiful, healthy emotions. A beautiful, healthy Earth.

She told me that our tears are offerings that can water these ancestral garden beds. Shed your tears for your dead freely. Offer your tears to you ancestors and to the Earth. In lieu of tears, offerings of clean, healthy water are also important.

As we begin to heal our ancestral lineages, we also begin to heal the confusing and negative energies in the world that are behind large controlling thought forms such as patriarchy, racism and misogyny as well as phenomena like climate change and social unrest.

Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead is approaching. This time of the year the veil thins and it’s a great opportunity to honor your ancestors, remember your dead and offer them your tears or a generous glass of water. I’ll be suggesting other ways to work with your ancestors as we approach the thinning of the veil and I’ll be offering ancestral healing sessions shortly after the new year. In the meantime, you can learn more about ancestral medicine or find a practitioner here.

If nothing else, for now, remember that The Ancestors Hold Up The Sun, and offer them a little water. Placing a small offering dish of water on your altar or outside and inviting your well ancestors (you don’t want to invite the unwell yet) to partake is a wonderful first step and will go a long way in giving them the energy to keep working in the spiritual world on our behalf.

In love and sacred darkness,