When I was younger I CRAVED social interactions and situations. I loved being around my peers, traveling and trying new things. But each time I went out, I found myself wondering if this event would be one of the rare and magical ones where I just felt on fire . . .

You see, I’m actually quite shy and reserved, especially in groups and especially when the people I DON’T know out number the people that I do know. Classic introvert with a Leo rising. Love the socializing. Hate the party. Or something.


But. Every once in awhile, I’d have a rare night where I could dazzle the crowds. I could take center stage and tell witty jokes, have everyone laughing AND rip it up on the dance floor. These nights were exhilarating. I loved connecting with the crowd and I actually fed off of the energy versus being drained by it, as most of us introverts often are. The problem was, I never knew when I was going to have an “on fire” time or not. I couldn’t predict the circumstances that allowed me out of my shell and into the spotlight. I knew from one to many embarrassingly failed attempts that I could not fake it until I made it. I could not force myself to act a certain way– it didn’t work like that. I was either “on fire” or I wasn’t.

And while I wasn’t keeping an exact journal I now suspect that those “on fire” moments happened while I was ovulating. These ovulation phases were extra magnetic because they were coinciding with the Creation phase of my life.

During the Creation phase of The Blueprint Cycles, your body and it’s wisdom take center stage. You’re more magnetic, friendlier and open to socializing. People are more drawn to you and intuitively want to help or sympathize with you and your causes. This is THE time to plan meetings, say yes to social engagements, ask for favors and even to batch task social media posts.

This cycle corresponds to the Ovulation phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle and is all about drawing what is good and right for you– to you. It’s about receiving attention, blessings, support, resources and other good stuff.

When you’re in a cycle of creation it’s not like you’re walking around with a big neon sign pointing at you and shouting “entitled!” It’s more about being in a feminine state of receptivity and flow. The practice is in actually allowing yourself to receive.

How many times has someone complimented you and you immediately compliment them back, down play the gesture or rush in with a “oh thanks! I bought them at XYZ boutique!” instead of just smiling and saying thank you? I am VERY guilty of this game myself. But the challenge and the gift of this part of The Blueprint Cycles is to open yourself to receive.

BUT the cycle of creation is also about firmly standing in your own wisdom and declining that which is not good or right for you– owning your sovereignty, taking up space and making swift decisions. It’s about receiving your own wisdom and trusting your own intuition as much as anything else.

If you’d like to learn more about The Blueprint Cycles and how to identify when you are in the Creation cycle how to manage it, plan for it and use it to your advantage, check out The Blueprint Cycles two-part workshop by clicking the image below. Registration is open with a sliding scale for a limited time.