Once upon a long time ago, we all sense that there wasn’t so much shame around our monthly bleeding. Although I have some serious issues about projecting the Red Tent movement into the past (like, if we all bled at the same time, who stayed outside of the tent and handled the women’s work for the community? The cooking, cleaning, gathering, mending, tending? Slaves? The elderly? I’m not comfortable with that and I think the social privilege of a Red Tent, whether modern or ancient, needs to be acknowledged.), I do believe that cultures all over the world at one time recognized the power, potency and magic that is present when we bleed.

At some point, Big Bad Patriarchy descended across the land and what was powerful and potent in women, became dirty and demonized. Under this new world order, women were removed from society when they were bleeding, not to rest and receive divine guidance on behalf of their community– that was now in the hands of “celibate” priests, or men who didn’t touch yucky women– but because they were dirty and cursed.

In this modern world, we are expected to bleed without anyone knowing. There are all sorts of hyper-feminine and hyper-adolescent products out there designed to help us bleed discreetly, while subtly reminding us that we are not powerful, not adults, and expected to be the same, day after day. I personally am sick of buying bright pink and green tampons. I’m not 14. (However! A few savvy business women have begun to create their own elegant and grown-ass tampon and pad products! Check out Cora for beautiful tampons delivered to your door.) You’ve seen those tampon/pad products that feature a woman dressed in white and playing tennis or something– the exact opposite of what she she probably feels like doing when she’s bleeding. Why?

Our bleed corresponds to the season of winter. It’s a time of turning inward, reflecting and resting. It’s a time to let go of the last cycle and to begin looking forward into the next cycle– what do we want to do? experience? It’s also a time to reflect on our life and the life of our community/family and think about what’s working and what’s not working and what to do about it. It is NOT the time to take action on any of this. It is NOT the time to work out, especially very aggressively (but hey– you do you. If you honestly feel like going to CrossFit everyday, even when bleeding, then do it. But I want you to have permission to rest for a few days if that feels better). Biologically, we are created to do this during this phase of our cycle because at this time there is more communication between the two hemispheres of our brain then there is at any other time. We are more capable of seeing a situation or a problem from many different perspectives (community) and coming up with a solution or plan of action based on these multiple perspectives. When we’re done bleeding and we enter into the GROWTH phase of our cycle, we would ideally have more focus, clarity and oomph behind our goals and plans because of the few days we spent resting, relaxing and receiving. This makes us powerful manifestors and creators. And a threat to the patriarchy.

(And now Jesus bleeds for all of us, thank you very much, so women please go stand over there and let the patriarchy get back to ruining- I mean running- the world.)

The truth is, we are ALL cyclical beings, men and women and everyone in between. Men operate on the circadian rhythm, or a 24 hour rhythm. They really are the same every day. The work day has been designed around men– hit the ground running in the morning, strategizing in a mid morning meeting, an afternoon break/ golf course time, winding down with a little socializing at the bar after work, going home to rest. Wake up and repeat. We women operate on a 28-40 DAY cycle, not hours. Days. And when we’re unpredictable and not the same as we were yesterday? We’re called bitchy, moody lunatics (luna= moon in Latin).

And yes, we women have a circadian rhythm too. It’s a micro layer of The Blueprint Cycles and is important to take into account as well (I’ll make is easy to navigate all of these layers, promise).

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