Spring has officially sprung in the Northern hemisphere. This weekend, the first full moon after the spring equinox, we’re getting set to celebrate Easter, a holy-day that has it’s roots in ancient cultures all over the world who celebrated the return of spring with eggs, rabbits and other fertility symbols.

Seeds are another symbol of spring. My ancestors once told me that life is like a seed. You plant a seed, you plant the kind of life you want to live. How you live each day, enjoy yourself moment-to-moment and handle the hard times, determines what kind of plant will grow from your seed.

I think it’s fitting that we celebrate the dead/the ancestors near the autumn equinox and we celebrate new life at the spring equinox. Of course, both are inseparable. The ancestors give us the seeds and the seeds become ancestors– no matter how you want to apply that metaphor.

To celebrate Spring and Easter, I’ve put together a link round up for you on all things woo about these topics:

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How ever you do (or don’t) celebrate Easter, have a happy and fun weekend and enjoy the weather where ever you are in the world.