Healing and learning how to work with your ancestral lineages is a profound method for effecting change and bringing blessings into One’s life. In addition to sloughing off generations of trauma, guilt, illness and limiting beliefs, ancestral healing allows ancestral blessings and support to come down the line (literally and metaphorically) unimpeded.

Well that sounds all well and great, but what actually happens during an ancestral lineage healing session?

If you’re thinking about booking your first ancestral lineage healing session, you’ll want to book the Initial Ancestral Exploration Session. This session is 15-30 minutes longer than a typical session and you’ll only need to book this session once.

In an Initial Ancestral Exploration Session I will guide you into a deep meditative state– you will not leave your body or “journey” anywhere. Your ancestors are in your DNA and you do not need to go outside of your body to contact them. We will set up a ritual space inside this meditative state, including boundaries and protection. The idea is to allow you to “peek” in on your four main lineages (each of your grandparents– Mother’s Mother, Mother’s Father, Father’s Father and Father’s Mother) without drawing their attention– you want to be invisible to them at this point in a sense. And don’t worry, you needn’t know anything about your lineage(s) or even be in a good relationship with them to do this work– and both of those situations can actually make the work more healing and impactful.

Once we’ve set the ritual space up, I’ll guide you through the process of checking in on your four lines and gauging their health and well-being on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the healthiest and most vibrant. Once we’ve established a rating for each line, we’ll begin with the healthiest line and go through the process of establishing an ancestral guide along the line. This will be someone who is willing and able to be the guide and is also in good relationship with all of the ancestors before them– we often have to go pretty far back in time to find this guide. You’ll have time to sit with this guide and become familiar with him/her. Making contact with an ancestral guide and be an emotionally uplifting and spiritually important moment– I want you to revel in it. Throughout the entire process you’re invited to speak aloud what you are experiencing and feeling and I will take notes for you.

That is likely all we’ll have time for in the Initial Session. When you’re ready to proceed you’ll book an hour-long Ancestral Healing Session.

In an Ancestral Healing Session, we’ll again create the sacred and safe ritual space in a deep meditative state. We’ll pick up where we left off with the ancestral guide and ask for his/her help in healing the line. There are a few steps we will go through to initiate this healing, in addition to any steps the guide may suggest. Essentially the line between the guide and the most recent dead in that line will be held in a cocoon of prayer and healing, what happens next is up to the guide and is relevant to the culture of the lineage and the nature of their wounds. Sometimes the guide will allow you to witness this process and sometimes they will not.

When this healing is complete (and it may take awhile– it may not be completed in our session but it will continue to happen even when our session is complete), we will begin the process of being blessed by, and in turn blessing, the lineage and your living family members before moving on to the next best well line. (The idea here is that you will have three really well lines ready to support you when you come to the least well line).

After you’ve healed all four of your main lines, we can go through the process of harmonizing the lines (sort of like a marriage of lines), and of course your spiritual practice will be deepening and changing throughout the entire process based on the connection, blessings, healings and insights your ancestors give you.

That is a basic ancestral healing process. However, you really can take this as deeply as you want to. Once your four main lines are healed and harmonized, you can work on your next four lines, meaning the four great grandparents that weren’t included in the first tier– Mother’s Father’s Mother, Mother’s Mother’s Father, Father’s Mother’s Father’s and Father’s Father’s Mother). And then we can also move into healing larger cultural wounds around subjects such as sex/uality and gender, colonialism and racism, etc.

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In love and sacred darkness,