Hello Friends,

I’m popping in today to share a video with you! This 15-minute video (or stream the audio!) is all about my upcoming program, Rooted Here.

Rooted Here is a 6-month program to tend our ancestral connections to food, home and land. I’ll tell you all about it in the video below.

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What I didn’t tell you in the video is HOW this course will be delivered. Every month, there will be a live (and recorded) masterclass on the month’s topic. The next week a ritual, ceremony, or something otherwise active and engaging will be delivered to you (like, how to ritualize a recipe or communicate with the spirit of your house!). There will also be a month live (and recorded) Q&A/circle share and an OFF-FACEBOOK private community for us to interact and, well, create community around. You’ll also have two private sessions with me during the 6-month program that we can use to make sure


In the video, I cover:

  • Why we will be connecting and in relationship to actual spirits versus talking AT spirits and hoping something sticks.
  • How the dark period of adjusting to my new life in Costa Rica, and finding my roots for myself and for my children, helped me create Rooted Here
  • Rooting with Persephone and Demeter
  • Just because something is a spirit doesn’t mean it’s all knowing and all snuggly. That means BOUNDARIES
  • How your ancestors will take the lead in structuring your personal experience of the program
  • Spirits of the land and cultural reparation
  • The importance of connecting to the spirit of our house, and how I learned this first hand
  • My resentment at being a housewife and stay-at-home mom and how connecting with the spirit of my house changed that (a little)
  • The night I saw a spiritual grid all over my house and what dramatic changes afterward
  • Sacred Alchemy in the kitchen and ritualizing recipes and cooking ceremonies
  • Hospitality as spiritual practice and what happens when ancient hospitality laws are forgotten
  • Diet culture vs. letting ourselves be nourished
  • Honoring our ancestors with food and sacred hospitality


Learn more: www.darlaantoine.com/rooted

Registration opens on April 27th!