Ancestral Exploration Session:

Are you ready to begin exploring the legacy and resilience of your cultural lineage? Do you yearn to integrate the wisdom singing through your blood into a spiritual practice? Are you eager to begin weaving the threads of your cultural identity and ancestral legacy into the tapestry of your life?

In this two hour session, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Express your frustrations and enchantments with your lineage(s)
  • Learn how the foods and food traditions of your lineage(s) act as medicine keepers and storytellers, preserving ancestral knowledge through the generations
  • Receive culturally-appropriate and actionable guidance on connecting with and honoring your ancestors
  • Learn how to incorporate ancestral foods and food traditions into your daily life and/or spiritual practice
  • Outline an ancestrally relevant and reverent spiritual practice

Click on the link below to both schedule and pay for your Ancestral Exploration Session. Sessions are held via Zoom.


Ancestral Healing Sessions: Level 1

Ancestral Healing can help heal or soothe familial pain, trauma, limiting beliefs and repeating or looping destructive behaviors. When you work with your ancestral line, you’re not only affecting change in your own life but in the lives of your living relatives, descendants and the un-well dead. Healing your ancestral lineage also helps to clear the confusing and negative energies in the world that are behind large controlling thought forms such as patriarchy, racism and misogyny as well as phenomena like climate change and social unrest.

In addition to bringing peace and healing, you’ll have the opportunity to sit with and receive the blessings of your ancestral lineages and to give your blessing in turn.

You can take your ancestral healing as far as you’d like although I do recommend you commit to healing all four of your primary lines: your mother’s mother’s line, your father’s mother’s line, your mother’s father’s line and your father’s father’s line. From there, we can also expand this to include the other four lines of your great grandparents: your mother’s mother’s father’s line, your father’s mother’s father’s line, etc. Healing the first four lines usually takes 5 or 6 sessions and healing the next four lines usually takes another four sessions. You can purchase each session individually as you go or purchase an Ancestral Healing Bundle and save a little dough. Our first session will be 1.5 hours and each session after that will be an hour. Even committing to healing just one line will make a big difference for you, your family, and the world.

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Who is this for?

My particular expertise and enthusiasm for Ancestral Healing involves working with people who have a mixed race or mixed cultural background. I enjoy untangling the various racial and cultural threads that inform who we are while weaving each piece into the tapestry of our spiritual and cultural identities. If you’re more interested in healing toxic interpersonal relationships, the skeletons in the family closet or intergenerational sexual trauma, etc., you may find an ancestral healer who is professionally more suited to your needs at

Ancestral Healing Sessions: Level 2

Three Month Private Mentoring

Available only to those who have healed at least their four primary lineages, this program is designed for serious spiritual practitioners who want to dive deeper into their ancestral and cultural heritage while learning how to bridge ancestral, cultural and spiritual activism. We’ll meet for an hour via Zoom eight times in 12 weeks with email support available throughout.


I’ll utilize my decade+ experience in spiritual development along with my M.A. in intercultural communication to help you explore the effects of your ancestral and cultural lineage on your life and in the world. Topics of exploration and learning can include, but are not limited to:

  • Colonialism
  • Understanding White privilege
  • Internalized oppression
  • Survivor’s guilt
  • White shame
  • Healing and/or surviving homophobia in your lineage
  • Healing and celebrating ancestral oppressed queer identities
  • Tokenism and exotification of the Other (and how to avoid it)
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Understanding dominant culture constructs and taboos in context of non-dominant cultures.


In addition, spiritual exploration and growth is encouraged and can include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Communicating with ancestors and other guides through dreams
  • Dedicating actions and experiences to the ancestors for health and healing
  • Spiritual bathing rituals for protection and blessing
  • Maintaining an ancestral altar or shine
  • Understanding how your body and epigenetics are in constant dialogue with your ancestors and how to leverage this of optimal health, vitality and spiritual fulfillment.

Stepping into this first layer of Cultural Healing can be difficult and destabilizing. It can also be beautiful and exuberant. That’s why I recommend being well with your primary four lineages before embarking on this next level of healing.

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Note: If you’ve previously worked with another Ancestral Medicine Practitioner, it’s possible to enroll in Level 2 and bypass Level 1 with me. Please contact me to discuss this possibility.