If you’re looking for a deep and true form of spiritual nourishment— look no further than your ancestors:

  • Before you travel to that one far-off place to learn an indigenous ritual that has nothing to do with your blood line.
  • Before you take on a spiritual name from another culture or language that your ancestors never spoke.
  • Before you study with that guru or adopt that spiritual practice du jour.

Connect With Your Ancestors.

In an Ancestral Lineage Healing Session, you will be guided through a process that let’s you do just that: connect with your ancestors. I will set the ritual space and intention, guide you into your ancestral meeting, prompt you with the connection, healing and reception steps and take notes for you along the way.

YOU will learn how to directly access and work with your ancestors and YOU will initiate their healing.

Why Do The Ancestors Need Healing?

Life is hard. And as hard as it is today, it wasn’t any easier for our ancestors. Pain. Trauma. Illness. Slavery. Forced Assimilation. Death in Childbirth. Genocide.

Our ancestors lived through these experiences and these experiences didn’t necessarily disappear when our ancestors died.

With the Western World largely being afraid of death and in preserving/prolonging life at all costs (even at the cost of a good death), with the puritanical legacy of Christianity and the genocide/forced assimilation of indigenous cultures, proper death rites that ensure ancestral trauma is properly “composted” at death are partially effective at best and nonexistent at worst. This means that the “undigested” pain and trauma of our ancestors is still hanging out in the collective un/consciousness and contributing to stubborn societal illness such as racism, misogyny, domestic violence and other harmful behavioral loops. This also means that many of our ancestors are not elevated in death and have hungry ghost patterns or existences.

This is where Ancestral Lineage Healing comes in.

Through the Ancestral Lineage Healing process, you will be spiritually nourished by the connection, blessings, healing and revelations of your ancestors. You won’t have to culturally appropriate or re-colonize Other traditions in a vain attempt to be nourished. And if you still feel the call to a different culture’s spiritual traditions, there are specific ways your ancestors can lead you through the initiation process— ways that include your ancestors instead of forsaking or ignoring them, and ways that involve your ancestors meeting and working with the ancestors of the Other spiritual tradition.

The Ancestral Lineage Healing process not only empowers you to connect and work with your ancestors, but it is designed to be malleable to the specific cultural and spiritual traditions of your ancestors, by your ancestors.

You do not need to know anything about your ancestors to participate in this process. Everything you need to know will be revealed to you by your ancestors.

If you are ready to book your first session, please click on the Initial Ancestral Exploration Session button. This session involves an initial assessment of the health of your four primary lineages (your four grandparents) and then we will initiate healing with one of the lines.

For any session after your first session, use the Ancestral Healing Session button. These sessions pick up where we left off in the initial Ancestral Exploration Session and continues the work of all subsequent sessions; as such, these sessions only last 60 minutes.


I’m currently on hiatus. Ancestral healing sessions will pick back up in August. Please see AncestralMedicine.org for a list of other available practitioners.

I did not know what to expect from an ancestral healing session, but I completely trusted Darla, and she was a loving guide who held an open space for my vulnerability, honesty, intuition, joy and connection. Prior to my session with Darla, I felt disconnected to several of my linages and like an outsider in my family as a whole, but I was surprised to find out and experience a sense of true belonging in a lineage that I didn’t expect to feel that way with at all. I discovered that, yes, indeed, I have ancestors like me, and I do indeed belong here. It was an amazingly powerful session for me that left me feeling much more open and closer to my family and ancestors. I’ve continued to call on my ancestors and connect with them since. I cannot recommend Darla and all of her work enough!”

Cameron Airen

Feminist Mindset Coach & Gender Consultant

“My session was utterly nothing short of magical. I felt so amazed to be able to tap directly into the wisdom and images and even geographical roots of my lineage. I also had a chance to glimpse each of the 4 lines I am descended from, and even when the lines were unhealthy, it gave me such a sense of being interconnected . . . not this weird black sheep of my family I’ve long felt like. Like wow, I am actually from an incredible resilient group of people who survived everything their lives threw at them to have me, and my resilience and strength comes from them. I also felt such a sense of closure with the grandpa I never got to say goodbye to in person.”

Tessa Zeng

This work is sacred activism.

And as such, I want to ensure that it is accessible to anyone interested in taking on the work for their family. A sliding scale is available for people of color, LGBTQIA+ and for anyone else who finds it helpful. The scale starts at $60. Just send me a note, telling me that the sliding scale option would be helpful for you in initiating this work, via my contact form. I don’t need all the details– if you say the sliding scale would be helpful, then the sliding scale would be helpful. I’ll then respond with the payment and scheduling instructions.

Darla Antoine is a spiritual worker, ancestral activist and healer, practitioner of the sacred domestic arts, mother and accidental homesteader in the high mountains of Costa Rica. Darla helps mixed-race and mixed-culture seekers discover the medicine, blessings and power in their ancestral spiritual lineages. She does this by combining her spiritual work with her experiences as a mixed-race woman and expat with her master’s degree in Intercultural communication.

Darla has completed a six month training and 40+ hours of supervision in Ancestral Lineage Healing with Dr. Daniel Foor and is certified in this method of lineage repair work. You can learn more about Ancestral Lineage Healing, including a book, online course and training programs at www.ancestralmedicine.org

Learn more about Darla’s lineage here.