Ancestral Healing Sessions

Ancestral Healing can help heal or soothe familial pain, trauma, limiting beliefs and repeating or looping destructive behaviors. When you work with your ancestral line, you’re not only affecting change in your own life but in the lives of your living relatives, descendants and the un-well dead. Healing your ancestral lineage also helps to clear the confusing and negative energies in the world that are behind large controlling thought forms such as patriarchy, racism and misogyny as well as phenomena like climate change and social unrest.

In addition to bringing peace and healing, you’ll have the opportunity to sit with and receive the blessings of your ancestral lineages and to deepen your understanding of the strengths of your lineage.

Ancestral Healing will move at your pace and at the pace of your ancestors. You can take as many sessions as you and your ancestors need, with as much space in between spaces as you need, to heal your lineages. While healing pain, trauma and limiting beliefs is a powerful motivator for this work, it also comes with the opportunity to receive the blessings and “superpowers” of your lineage, direct and unencumbered. You’ll also be able to receive and hold the blessing while spreading it out to you family members and the world.

This work is sacred activism.

And as such, I want to ensure that it is accessible to anyone intersted in taking on the work for their family. Partial scholarships/a sliding scale are available for people of color, LGBTQ and even for heterosexual, cis-gendered, blue-collared white people who have been beaten down by The System. If you’re interested in a partial scholarship, and truly in need of it, please contact me via a contact form and tell me about your situation in 4-5 sentences.

If you are ready to book your first session, please click on the Initial Ancestral Exploration Session button

This session is $125 and will run 75-90 minutes.

For any session after your first session, use the Ancestral Healing Session button.

These sessions are $100 each and will run 60 minutes.

Who is this for?

My particular expertise and enthusiasm for Ancestral Healing involves working with people who have a mixed race or mixed cultural background. I enjoy untangling the various racial and cultural threads that inform who we are while weaving each piece into the tapestry of our spiritual and cultural identities, however “general” ancestral concerns are also welcomed. If you have a specific need or concern that you would like to work with in your ancestral healing sessions and you feel that that need may be better suited to someone with professional training in that area (sex/gender topics, family therapy, grief counseling, etc.) I’m happy to give you recommendations from among my colleagues. Just email me with a brief description of what you’re looking for and I’ll promptly respond with suggested ancestral lineage healing practitioners. Alternatively, you may find a list of certified practitioners here.

Please note that all ancestral lineage healing practitioners have undergone an intense six-month training session and a vow-taking ceremony followed by a 40-hour certification process; I am still in the certification process. We abide by a code of ethics which can be found here.

Darla Antoine is a spiritual worker, ancestral activist and healer, practitioner of the sacred domestic arts, mother and accidental homesteader in the high mountains of Costa Rica. Darla helps mixed-race and mixed-culture seekers discover the medicine, blessings and power in their ancestral spiritual lineages. She does this by combining her spiritual work with her experiences as a mixed-race woman and expat with her master’s degree in Intercultural communication.

Darla has completed a six month training in Ancestral Lineage Healing with Dr. Daniel Foor and is currently working toward certification. You can learn more about Ancestral Lineage Healing, including a book, online course and training programs at

Learn more about Darla’s lineage here.