The Number One Way To Increase Your Intuition

The Number One Way To Increase Your Intuition

I began mentoring privately with intuitive counselors almost a decade ago. Of all of the ways I’ve learned to access higher guidance and increase the clarity around those messages, one tip has by far been the most effective and practical:

Keep an intuitive journal.

The idea is simple. Have a notebook dedicated to recording all of the ways you interact with your intuition. Did you pray for guidance on something? Write it down and date it. Did a strange synchronicity occur? Write it down and date it. Did you pull a tarot card about The Thing and now you’ve decided to do this not that?

Yep. Write it down and date it.

Then get in the habit of reviewing this journal regularly. Say– every Sunday. Pretty quickly you will start to notice patterns and repeated intuitive events that were all pointing towards an action or a solution. This is beneficial for three reasons:

1: If you hadn’t been keeping track it would have been super easy and super probable that you wouldn’t have noticed the several ways your intuition was coming to your aid. You might have even dismissed all the signs altogether.

2: You now have concrete proof that your intuition exists and is working to conspire in your favor. Proof. It is so much easier for your brain to surrender to something that has some sort of form or substance. By writing down your intuitive hits, synchronicities, signs and other magical occurrences, you’ve given form to the formless. Your brain is now a more willing participant in this whole “letting go and letting God” business.

3. You also have a better idea on how exactly you receive intuitive/divine guidance. Is it a song lyric in your head? Quirky license plate messages? A feather on the ground? A strong gut instinct? All of the above? Something different and wackier? Whatever it is, you’ll now be able to recognize it more clearly when it’s in front of you and you’ll be primed to trust it.

If you want to amplify your intuition, receive more divine guidance and clarity in your life, my recommendation is simple: Keep and intuitive journal.


I’ve taken this concept a step further and included dream messages (when we dream we are in the same brain state as life long deep meditators and we’re literally halfway between this world and the next. Divine guidance is so easy to receive in dreams) and moon/womb cycles– all of which affect each individual woman’s intuition differently.

The latest version of my dream, divination and lunar intuitive journal, DIVINA, is now available. Order it and get started on your own intuitive journaling practice right away! All of the journaling prompts for each day are already laid out for you. In addition, part one of the journal is a 22 page how-to that dives deeper into the whys and how of keeping an intuitive journal.


If receiving divine guidance while you sleep is something that sounds pretty darn cool to you (it is!) but you have a hard time remembering your dreams, you don’t know where to even begin trying to interpret them, or you want to know how to dream intentionally, this course is for you.

Four modules with several PDF/audio lessons in each module: Recalling and Re-entering Dreams, Dream Interpretation Techniques, The Ancient Art of Dream Incubation plus Dreamwork For Kids and How To Work With Nightmares.

And if you know anyone who is a strong dreamer, wishes they were, or who is trying to amplify their intuition/see more magic around themselves, please forward this article to them!

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How To Take Care Of Your Soul When Life Throws A Curveball

How To Take Care Of Your Soul When Life Throws A Curveball

When I was a little girl, I used to look out the window at the mountains surrounding our little valley. I knew the names of each of those mountains. Those mountains held stories. Family stories. I’d look at the tall pine trees standing watch along the ridge lines, outlined against the blue sky background, and I’d imagine those trees were my ancestors. Standing watch over me. Over us. I wished on those trees. Just like my mother did when she was growing up in the same valley, watching and wishing on the same mountains, with the same evergreen centurions.

It was a soul need to hear the mountains whisper the same blessings they had whispered to Okanagan mothers and their babies for eons.

As an Okanagan tribal member who grew up in the Okanagan highlands, I’m one of the few that can claim to have grown up in their ancestral homelands. One of the even fewer indigenous people who can claim so. What with forced removal, reservations, colonization, globalization and the ease of growing up and moving away these days. But I grew up where my mother grew up and where my ancestors were always at least a seasonal presence before that. Way before that. Way before the first European ever even dreamt of putting foot on our shores.

Growing up this way, there was a sense of security and rootedness that I took for granted, as all children take the blessings they were born into for granted. I was restless. Eager to see more of the world. I went to college only two hours away but I got married shortly after graduation and moved halfway across the States. I moved again to Southwest and then to Spain.

All of this moving and seeing the world was fantastic for my wandering soul. I felt free and secure in new environments, rather than scared or uncertain.

After a few years, I divorced my first husband and ran away to Costa Rica to grieve in private and to reclaim my independence. I met a redhead with a wild look in his eye and enjoyed a brief (less than 24 hours) flirtation with him. We exchanged email addresses and a promise to let him know if I was ever back in the country. Two years went by. On another whim, I decided to go back to Costa Rica as a graduation gift to myself for finishing grad school. I emailed the redhead.

For the first time I realized that my soul needed to catch up with my body.

Ten months later I was pregnant with our first child. A year later, we broke ground on our house. Another 10 months later and I was pregnant with our second child.

In July of 2014, I sat on the gorgeous bed that my wild redhead had made with his own hands, trying to nurse our newborn second son. My body was unrecognizable to me after a second pregnancy, a second 60-pound weight gain, and a second emergency c-section. I lived on top of a cold mountain in a tropical country in a beautiful farmhouse on a beautiful farm, but it too was all unrecognizable.

I was panicking.

After 15 years of traveling and wandering the world and of calling 15 different places “home,” I felt desperate to go capital-H Home. To my homelands. But it wasn’t really homesickness. It wasn’t that I was unhappy in Costa Rica or with the redhead (I wasn’t and I’m not).

It was a primal need to see pine trees.

It was a soul need to hear the mountains whisper the same blessings they had whispered to Okanagan mothers and their babies for eons. To see the evergreen centurions standing watch on top of the ridge and to dedicate my sons into their care.

And for the first time, I realized that my soul needed to catch up with my body. My physical body was happy to wander and to put down roots half a world away from it’s homelands. But my soul had yet to anchor into this new earth. I knew I needed room to explore the spiritual wisdom of this new land while still honoring and, more importantly, remembering, the old land.

So I did the only thing I know how to do when it comes to the soul. I did the only thing I could do that let me be in both places at once: I journaled.

And now the same magical journaling process that I developed for myself, can be adapted for your own spiritual nourishment as well.

If you’re in unfamiliar territory, whether it’s motherhood, a new country, a new career or a new stage in life, DIVINA can help tether your soul to your roots while giving you the freedom to explore new horizons.

DIVINA gives you daily space and accountability to record the musings, insights and guidance from your subconscious. Dreams, intuition, synchronicity, divinations, your menstrual or lunar cycle, gratitude, signs, omens, emotions and reflections all have their place in this journal. Over time, you’ll build a compendium of insight that can be invaluable in determining just how the Divine is communicating to you and what your next move should be.

But hurry. It’s only available for a limited time.

Neptune in Pisces until 2027 is THE time to develop your dream practice, and now this fantastic book is out! I love mine! — Mystic Medusa

I love this journal more than cake. — Little Fox Tarot

DIVINA blew the doors off of my 2016– it saved so much of my sanity! — Keva, USA

Happy Holy Days,

Darla xo


Are You Going Through A Spiritual Awakening? Do You Know Which Kind?

Are You Going Through A Spiritual Awakening? Do You Know Which Kind?

I CAN PINPOINT THE MOMENT in New Mexico, almost 10 years ago, when my spiritual awakening began. I had just visited Santa Fe for the first time and was driving back to my new apartment in Albuquerque. Just outside of Santa Fe, I suddenly experienced my crown chakra opening up. I almost felt as if I were going to float out of the roof of my car. I remember quickly wondering if I should pull over and also feeling an intense amount of peace, love and connection. It was glorious. Soon after that I began working with my first intuitive mentor, Anna Sayce, who then passed me on to Slade Roberson. And then my spiritual awakening/psychic powers sort of went underground for a few years while I got my physical life in order: met Andy. Moved to Costa Rica. Had two babies. Built a house. This is totally normal, by the way.

One frustrated and lonely night earlier this year, I googled something like “isolation as part of spiritual path” because I was feeling terribly isolated in motherhood as well as in circumstances– living on top of a mountain, two hours away from civilization, in a foreign country with a foreign language. Yet I also knew I was ready to take my spiritual awakening to the next level, that this isolation was part of it, but I had no idea where to take it. The Google Oracle delivered me to Mary Shutan, whom I’ve just finished a 6-month one-on-one spiritual work mentorship with and whom I’m still learning a great deal from via her group e-mail-based courses.

Mary has a book, The Spiritual Awakening Guide: Kundalini, Psychic Abilities and the Conditioned Layers of Reality that helped me put my spiritual journey into perspective as well as define some of the stranger and more difficult aspects of it. It was almost as eye-opening as an actual spiritual awakening!

Did you know there are over 30 different types of spiritual awakenings?!?

In her book, Mary goes over each type of awakening as well as the common experiences and sensations associated with each awakening. With her descriptions of all of the awakenings and all of the conditioned layers of reality, I realized just how barely awake I actually am! I thought it might be helpful to you, too, to see how many different ways there are to experience a spiritual awakening. But first, I want to point out that while spiritual awakenings can be exciting, they are painful. Some spiritual awakenings even cause extreme physical pain and psychological trauma. There is no shame in seeking medical help due to the symptoms of a spiritual awakening. It’s not easy task to flip your view of reality upside down. It also doesn’t make you fancy, special or a goddess. That’s an ego-awakening.

Here are just a few of the types of spiritual awakenings we can experience:

Gradual Awakenings

A gradual awakening can occur over many years or even go on throughout the background of your entire life. In this type of awakening you go through spiritual learning processes almost step-by-step. Occasionally you may experience more intense learning periods than others.

Sudden Awakenings

Sudden awakenings are becoming more common, says Mary, because of how mainstream practices like yoga and meditation have become. Sudden awakenings can be painful psychologically, physiologically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically. This is especially so if you go into yoga for the physical benefits and have almost no spiritual knowledge and then find yourself in the midst of a full-blown awakening.

If your life has been turned inside out by a sudden spiritual awakening, I highly recommend seeking out a skilled spiritual worker who can help you process everything from a physical and an energetic standpoint.

Energetic Transmissions

This type of awakening may happen after receiving an energetic transmission from an enlightened guru. It may be sudden or gradual and is often lower level or temporary, a sort of spiritual hit or glimpse. The danger in this is that we can become attached to a guru or teacher and their transmissions, giving our spiritual power over to them and/or using these energetic transmissions as a bypass to doing the real work required to sustain or advance our spiritual path.

Note: I know a lot of New Agers in this bypass category and it’s part of the motivation behind my no-bullshit, be your own oracle, need no guru approach to spirituality.

Chakra Awakenings

Individual chakra awakenings can happen in both gradual and sudden awakenings. Chakra awakenings can happen one by one or in small clusters (like the root and sacral chakra opening at the same time, for example). Our chakras store everything.  Trauma, from this life and others, emotions, illnesses, layers of reality. It’s all stored in our chakras. When our chakras open, all of the pain, trauma and other blockages come up to be released. This releasing may be intense at first, calm down a bit and even rev up again.

This section on chakra awakenings really opened my eyes because New Age dogma really only gives a basic understanding of the function of chakras. I think the book is worth its salt just on the chapters on chakras alone!

Psychic Awakenings

We generally have one or two dominant psychic abilities that develop to a certain point before kickstarting another ability that sort of acts as a sidekick to the dominant abilities. In addition to “the four clairs” that most of us are familiar with, and that I wrote about in my book ORACLE: Divination for Magical Babes, (clairaudience, the ability to hear beyond the veil; claircognizance, the ability to know something without knowing why you know it; clairvoyance, the ability to see beyond the veil; and clairsentience, the ability to sense or feel beyond the veil) Mary also introduces three new (to me) clairs:

Claircoersion: the ability to energetically affect the outcome or inclinations of people and places (obviously this can be a slippery slope).

Clairalience: the ability to smell beyond the physical senses.

Clairgustance: the ability to taste beyond the physical senses.

She also covers empath, mediums and channeling.

Kundalini Awakening

This bit was especially thought provoking. “Kundalini awakening” has become a rather commonplace term but authentic kundalini awakenings actually sound horrendous and I’m not sure I want to aspire to have one 😛 Mary goes over the differences between kundalini awakenings, kundalini stirrings and kundalini experiences. If you thinkyou’re having a kundalini awakening, you’re not. It was probably just a stirring or an experience.

Shamanic Awakening

This usually involves a metaphorical or almost-literal death and, again, doesn’t really sound like something I want to experience. I’ll let you read Mary’s book for more on that.

Occult Awakening

Along with psychic and chakra awakenings, I suspect this is becoming a more common type of awakening. This awakening is brought about through occult practices and rituals through things like witchcraft, magic and/or tarot.

Other interesting awakenings described by Mary include: walk-ins, religious awakenings, possession, and Indigo.

Learn more about spiritual awakenings in The Spiritual Awakening Guide

Tell us about your own spiritual awakening in the comments! I don’t think we talk enough about the actual awakening process.

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image sources: Unsplash, thespianoge and in5d