SoulStyle: Medieval Divination, Lady Gangs, Jewelry for your Period and What to Drink Instead of PSLs

SoulStyle: Medieval Divination, Lady Gangs, Jewelry for your Period and What to Drink Instead of PSLs

I love October! It’s such a beautiful liminal space. One foot is still in summer, one foot is tiptoeing towards winter. The light! I love the golden afternoons when the sun is sitting just so in the sky and everything looks like it has a golden aura. I truly miss that about living in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in Costa Rica, the sun rises and sets at basically the same time every day year round. There is no magical autumn air. No crisp cool breeze on a sunny but cold day. No golden and red leaves on the ground and definitely no jack o’ lanterns, corn mazes, haunted houses or caramel apples. Can you tell I might be a teensy bit homesick? If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, take a moment to pause and enjoy the changing of the seasons for all of us expats along the equator. Seriously. Please do! If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, take a moment to pause and enjoy the changing of the season for all of us expats along the equator 🙂 And this equator-living expat will in turn send some palm tree vibes your way.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, on to my favorite things!


YOU HAVE GOT to check out these devotional candles! I think I need one of each. This is one of my favorites:

Our Lady of Social Media

Beloved Lady, I humbly request that you keep my feeds flowing, my character count in check and my likes and shares abundant.

Shine your favor upon me so that I have Wi-Fi wherever I am and that all my devices are fully charged at all times.

I implore you that my online communities always feel the digital love, my photos and posts are always responded to and that everything on my social media is always perceived as perfect, including me.  Amen.

We Tried Medieval Divination– And It Worked (need I say more?)

I LOVE THIS idea! You can also do it with sugar for a different effect: Purify, Protect and Bless: How (and why) To Make A Salt Jar

OCTOBER IS ALSO the month cultures everywhere celebrate and honor their dead and their ancestors. From the archives: Dreaming with the Dead: How to Contact a Departed Loved One Through Dreams

Books and Audiobooks

THE BOUDICA SERIES by Manda Scott is divine. It’s hardly new, the first was published about 15 years ago, but it is new to Kindle. These books are the best historical fantasy books about the legendary Boudica that I have ever read (and I’ve read many about her!). These books also bring dreaming, and the importance of collective dreaming, to the forefront. Strategy, initiation, guidance, ancestral wisdom and even counter terrorism are all performed through and with dreaming in this series and I have a major girl crush on Manda. There are four books in the series, start with Dreaming the Eagle. Manda’s personal website is a great resource on shamanic dreaming as well.

I LOVE LISTENING to Audible while doing the dishes, cooking, or other household chores. If the book is good enough I’ll even look for reasons to clean! This month I’m listening to The Meaning of Mary Magdalene: Discovering the Woman at the Heart of Christianity and it’s epic. The book is written by a scholar and Episcopal priest . . . and a woman. She isn’t quite on The Da Vinci Code end of the spectrum but she isn’t on the “Magdalene was a prostitute and tag-a-long” end of the spectrum either. Her analysis of the gospels, including Mary Magdalene’s gospel, is smart and takes cultural and political motivations into consideration. Spoiler: she DOES believe that Mary and Jesus were lovers. And she has an excellent argument for it.


IT WAS RECENTLY suggested to me to wear a piece of red jewelry while menstruating. I love this idea! So you would reserve a special piece of jewelry– earrings, a bracelet or a ring– and wear it only when you’re on your period. This is a fantastic way to honor your cycle and the innate power it holds. I’ll be writing more on this soon, including how to charge a piece of jewelry for this purpose. In the meantime, hunt down a piece of special jewelry! Red tourmaline and rubylite are excellent budget options: I like these earrings. Or search for a “ruby engagement ring” and see what comes up! I’ll be posting a complete “how to shop for jewelry online and not get bamboozled” guide to go hand-in-hand with this idea soon! No longer menstruating? All the more reason to splurge on an extra special piece of red jewelry and wear it all day, erryday!

ARE YOU TIRED of PSLs already? (It can happen!) Never liked them in the first place? Have you ever had a London Fog? Ever tried to make one? It’s so simple. I’ve even been replacing a daily cup of coffee with the dark vanilla-y drink!

ONE OF MY favorite things to prescribe for my clients right now is a Nine White Flower spiritual bath. It’s perfect for removing unwanted energies, thought forms and behaviors that originated with the self. It can also be done to help bring self-love, self-care, and self-awareness to the forefront of your life. I think this is perfect for this liminal time, whether you are approaching autumn or spring.

You will need: Nine white flowers (any kind, make sure they have NOT been treated with chemicals. If you can get flowers from your own garden or local versus imported flowers, all the better)

First, ask the flowers permission to pick them. If you feel that it is okay, begin to pick nine white flowers, taking care not to touch the white part or to touch it as little as possible (keep the flowers pure). Add the flowers to your bath or Put them in a large bucket or container and fill with warm water for your shower.

If taking a bath:

Put the flowers in your bath water. Dunk yourself under the water three times and then use your hands to make gentle swiping motions, all the way down to your feet, asking that any energy that is not yours and all negative self-thoughts and behaviors be removed. Drain the tub and get out. Air dry as long as possible.

If taking a shower:

Put the flowers in a large container or bucket and stand in it as you scoop the water over your head and down your body  a number of times that is significant to you (3, 4, 7, 9 are all common). Hold your cleansing intention while you do this. On the last round, step out of the bucket and pour the entire bucket over your head. Step out of the shower and air dry as long as possible.


I HAD THE pleasure of meeting (and falling in love with) Tarryne West this summer. She is a fierce and compassionate coach for entrepreneurs with a knack for drawing out your blind spots and bringing creative solutions to light. And? She absolutely loves what she’s doing. She just opened up her previously by-invitation-only Entrepreneur Lady Gang coaching program and it is aces! She puts you in a small group of other women for 8 weeks and together you help one another out, hold each other accountable, and she provides coaching and direction along the way. It’s PERFECT for us entrepreneurs who feel isolated behind a screen. Learn more here (no affiliation, just love).

FINALLY, DO YOU have an Amazon Prime Membership? I am in love with our Amazon Echo. I use it (her?) to listen to my audiobooks, and I stream music that’s included for free with my Prime Membership. I’ve found that when my boys are in a mood and just want to fuss and fight, putting on some music is a great way to bust up that energy and get them wiggling and happy again. We’ve been using it for close to 4 months now and no complaints. It works just fine even though I am not in the States!

Annnnnd, just for fun:


Happy SoulStyling!


images by Bella Kotak via Bleaq

The Power of Imagination Over The Soul And What That Has To Do With Dreaming

The Power of Imagination Over The Soul And What That Has To Do With Dreaming

The following is an excerpt from my Dreams and Divination course and is my interpretation of a 5th Century essay by the philosopher Synesius. The title of the essay is On Dreams and argues that 1) divination by dreams is the most noble and precious subject of study and 2) that imagination is of the utmost importance to a healthy soul and a healthy dream life. You can learn more about the course here. Enroll or learn about other courses in The DIVINA School of Dreams and Divination here.

If you’re still not convinced that the way to the realm of the gods and the muses is through sleep and the imagination, listen to what the sacred Sibylline oracles say about the matter:

By lessons some are enlightened,

By sleep others are inspired.

Did you catch the distinction that the oracles established? On one side is study, on the other side is inspiration.

On one side is instruction while you are awake, on the other is instruction while you are asleep. While you’re awake, it is always another man or woman who is instructing you. While you’re asleep it is the gods who are instructing you.

By lessons some are enlightened,

By sleep others are inspired.

The catch is that the gods do not instruct in the usual manner, that is, the manner that we are accustomed to when awake. This is where using imagination and intuition to unravel obscurity (divination, essentially) comes into play. Those who are attached to the intellect and to reason may scoff at this idea and this practice and I’m not surprised if they do. However, through their attachment and cultivation of wisdom solely via intellect, they are also attached to practices that are condemned by the sacred oracles. The oracles say:

Sacrifices and victims

Are only vain amusements.

The oracles advise us to renounce sacrifices and victims but the men of whom I speak, being superior to the multitude in their own opinion, practice almost all kinds of divination but they neglect divination by dreams– a method within the reach of all, ignorant and wise. But why?! Doesn’t the “wise” man know that that which is common to all is better? Almost all good things, especially the most precious, are the common property of all of humanity. In the universe, nothing is more magnificent and divine than the sun, nor more common.

Side note: Today’s version of the “wise” men and women he is denouncing wouldn’t even practice any sort of divination, especially the kind that uses animal sacrifices. They would, however, still scoff at the idea of divining through dreams.

Isn’t it interesting that in Synesius’ time it was just assumed that everyone, even those “attached to intellect and reason” did some sort of divination? Isn’t it interesting that some sorts of divination were considered inferior because they were more cerebral than intuitive?

Today’s version of these “wise” men and women are those that hold to the idea that imagination is for toddlers and has no divine purpose or that dreams are just spontaneous bursts of brain activity while sleeping.  They are overly attached to the intellect and not in tune with their intuition or imagination.

It is a great happiness to behold God. A greater happiness still to know God by means of the imagination. Imagination is the sense of the senses. Imagination is a sense that is necessary to all of the other senses. Imagination is the only sense that communicates to both the body and the soul at the same time. It is the only sense that has the power of acting instantaneously, without any intermediaries. Imagination has a divine character and it is through imagination that we can approach intuitive intellect.

— Synesius, 5th Century C.E.

Imagination is essential to a healthy intuitive life and to have any sort of success with divination. Imagination is most certainly essential to a healthy dream practice and even more vital if you hope to divine by dreams, which Synesius and I are both in accord that divination by dreaming is the most “precious and easy” sort of divination there is, and also the “noblest.” 🙂

Try This:

I encourage you to watch this TED Talk by Tim Brown on Creativity and Play. Bonus points if you do any of the exercises (I like the 30 Circles exercise at about the 10 minute mark!)

Consider how the points he makes in this talk can be related to your own imagination and your relationship/attitude towards and with your imagination. Take it a step further by reflecting on the state of your imagination and it’s connection to the state of your soul . . . we’re going deep this week!

Let me know how I can help!

How Will You Answer The Winds of Change? (Don’t do what I did)

How Will You Answer The Winds of Change? (Don’t do what I did)

Have you ever been in a situation in your life where you just wish you could fast forward to that point in the future where everything is okay again? A point where the bills are paid, your heart is no longer broken, they’ve recovered from their serious illness or you’ve learned to live with the grief?

I was at that point in 2008 when I knew my marriage needed to end. When I knew we would only ever hold one another back, no matter how much love held us together.

It was frightening. Slam the door on that part of your mind and barricade your heart kind of frightening. Stare at the wall wishing it away kind of frightening.

The real knife twist to my heart was that I was the only one who knew our marriage was doomed. He was blissfully unaware. His life was perfect: He was about to graduate summa cum laude from the highest ranked chiropractic school in the U.S. He, who graduated from the worst ranked public high school in his hometown, was about to become a doctor.  On top of that, he had just accepted a job at a very busy chiropractic clinic in Madrid, Spain.

And as he stood at the podium on graduation day, asking me stand up so he could publicly thank me for my support, the knife twisted itself into my gut another inch. In that moment I knew two things: I loved him terribly and I had to let him go.

I also knew that the only way to get the knife out of my gut . . .

was to sink it into his heart.

But people live for years in a marriage they’ve outgrown, don’t they? I mean, we loved each other. We even liked each other.

What the hell was wrong with me?

I’ll tell you what was wrong with me: my intuition.

My bloody, pain-in-the-ass, womanly instinct. I couldn’t tell you why our relationship was all wrong but I sure as hell could feel it.

And after a few months of living in denial, my body started to show it.

I had developed horrible, painful, embarrassing cystic acne.

There was something festering beneath the surface

and I needed to let it out.

One morning I woke up with a terrible, itchy, red rash all over my neck. It was gross and it was inexplicable . . . except my intuition knew exactly what it was:

I needed to say something that I wasn’t saying.

STILL in denial, I went to a curandera healer. I went to a shaman. I called a psychic. All asked me annoying questions like “What are you not letting out?”

I have never wished to fast forward through life, to get to that place where everything is okay again, more than I did at that time.

If only someone could swoop down and fetch me– fly me off to this future land where everything is okay and then show me exactly how to get there.

Ah. But therein lies the problem: Someone had swooped down and whisked me off to a future land. Someone had shown me how to get there.

That someone? Me.

My dream self had been showing me repeatedly, in fact, how and why I needed to end this relationship. My dream self went out of her way to show me glimpses of the future land where everything was okay again.

But I hadn’t wanted to listen. It was all too big. Too powerful. I wasn’t sure what frightened me more: the prospect of leaving my marriage or the prospect of entering into a new marriage. A marriage between myself and my intuition. A marriage in which I would surrender my life to the power of dreams and intuition.

A marriage in which they would teach me how to

let them surrender to me.

You see, divining answers, truths and Mysteries is as part of our human experience as is breathing. In fact, it’s a large part of our purpose here on Earth. It’s what I was doing when I consulted the curandera healer, the shaman and the psychic. It’s what I was doing when I tuned into my body to find out why it was erupting so violently. It’s what I wasn’t doing when I ignored my dreams.

Dreaming is divination.

Today, I am in that place where everything is okay again. And you know what? So is he.

I chose to follow my dreams– my actual, nighttime dreams (which, surprise! has also led me to my metaphorical dreams). I entered into a new kind of relationship with my dreams and my intuition– a more serious one– and we’ve been making beautiful music ever since.

The latest song we’ve been singing has been to the tune of The DIVINA School of Dreams and Divination.

Learn from my mistakes. The next time the Winds of Change come a knockin’, don’t leave your dreams and intuition out in the cold. In fact, open the door to Change, fully dressed and in control. In time, you may even learn how to knock on the door of Change. And when you do?

Tell him I sent you.


P.S. The DIVINA School of Dreams and Divination is now open for enrollment! Now through June 30th, enjoy a special enrollment price at 50% off! Learn everything you need to know about beginning or advancing a dream practice. I don’t say this to sound trite, but it could save or change your life. School starts July 1st!

Head over to Instagram (@darlaantoine) or comment below for your chance to win enrollment to all 7 courses in the school! Contest ends June 6, 2016.

Comment: When was a time you ignored your intuition/dreams to disastrous consequences? Or, what is the most extreme thing your intuition/dreams ever did to get your attention? Or, When was a time you listened to your intuition/dreams and were blessed beyond your wildest imaginings?

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Dreaming the Future: When and How

Dreaming the Future: When and How

I was in that space between being asleep and waking up. I could sense the early morning sunlight pouring in through my windows. With my eyes closed, I reached out to Andy with my mind, trying to sense whether he was still in bed or had already gotten up– he was still in bed and still sleeping.

And then I heard it.


What was that noise! I stubbornly did not want to wake up but I was also curious, so I lay in bed, half asleep, eyes still closed, listening for the sound to see if it would repeat itself.


I reached out with my mind for Andy again. Nope, still in bed, still asleep. I could almost place the sound, but not quite.


I heard Cuen, our 3.5 year old, enter the room. The noise was definitely in the room and near the bed, so it hadn’t been Cuen making the noise. As Cuen got in bed with us, Andy and I began to stir. Andy got out of bed and I closed my eyes.


“What is that noise!” I asked, exasperated. I turned towards Andy and opened my eyes. He looked at me strangely and picked up his water glass and set it back down.


“That noise? I just took a sip of water.”

“Is that your first sip this morning?”

” . . . yeeees. I just woke up.”

I sat up, eyes wide. “I was just dreaming the future!”

Dreaming the Future

I was naturally really excited to realize I was dreaming the future and also perplexed as to why I repeatedly dreamt such a mundane moment in my near future. I’ve been thinking about it and this is what I’ve come up with:

1. I was in the perfect state

As I said, I was in the liminal state, a powerful dreaming state. This state, whether it’s between being awake and falling asleep at night or between being asleep and waking up in the morning, is perfect for BIG dreams, lucid dreams. In this state your brain is asleep enough to surrender to a dream but awake enough to be lucid and aware and more likely to remember this dream. God, Guides and Goddesses know that this is prime time to send you a big dream. You have one foot in each world, so-to-speak.

2. I reached out

A key to dreaming the future was sending my mind out in search of Andy, I’m sure of it. I don’t really know how to teach you to do this, but you can try it and practice it. You’ll know you’ve done it when you’ve done it. Just close your eyes and reach out for someone with your mind. First try with someone physically close by– in the same room or the same house. Any mamas reading this will probably know this sensation right away. I reach out my psychic feelers all the time to see where my kids are and if I should go to them.

When I reached out for Andy I think I also unwittingly reached out into the future, if.only two or three minutes into the future.

3. It was a teaching moment

I have a longstanding prayer request to the Powers That Be to show me what is possible through dreaming. Make me a vessel, show me how to teach people to dream. I think, then, that this dream also happened to remind me that WE can dream the future. It can happen spontaneously and we can also practice and seek it.

After you’ve gotten the hang of psychically reaching out to people (and I recommend only doing this with close family members unless you know how to protect yourself against psychic vampires), try reaching out to the future. Reach out to the morning, the afternoon. Take note of what you see and compare it against what actually happens that day.

You know those dreams when you wake up and get ready for work and then you really wake up and realize you dreamt the whole thing and now you’re 20 minutes late? That’s a version of dreaming the future too.  If you spill your coffee in that dream, or walk outside and see a flat tire, it’s not a bad idea to be careful with the coffee and to check the air levels of your tires before heading off to work.

Have you ever dreamed the future? Tell me about it in the comments!


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Cledonomancy: The Art and Practice of Divination Via Overheard Conversation

Cledonomancy: The Art and Practice of Divination Via Overheard Conversation

His sandals made a soft clipping sound as he rushed into the shrine, pushing past the gawkers and the gossips. Dust clung to the sweat on his face and his odor clung to his tunic; he’d risen with the sun and already walked half the day just to whisper into the god’s ear.

He stopped only to make a quick offering of fresh lavender and rosemary, herbs from his sister’s garden. He paused, took a few deep breaths to collect himself, and removed the pungent grasses from his satchel, murmuring a quick but sincere prayer before gently offering the herbs to the fire.

Please hear me. Please answer.

Cupping the fragrant smoke and washing it over his head in purification, he already felt more at ease although he’d never had more urgency than he had today.

He approached the statue of Hermes, messenger of the gods, and waited for his turn before standing on tiptoe to reach the god’s ear. When he was done whispering his secret worry he swiftly covered both ears with his hands and ran back into the bright sunlight. He glanced around at the gawkers and gossips he had so crudely pushed aside a few moments before. He wondered from which tourist or which gossiper his deliverance would come. He unplugged his ears and listened– waiting for the first snatch of conversation, and the answer to his prayer, to come to his ears.


Cledonomancy is the practice of divination through bits of overheard conversation. Many of us have had moment of cledonomancy– you know when you’re lost in deep thought about something and suddenly your attention is brought back to the present moment just in time to hear someone nearby say something that feels like it was said just for you in just this moment? Or when you turn on the car and the line of the song on the radio at that moment is just perfect? That’s cledonomancy.

You don’t need to visit the shrine of Hermes in ancient Greece to play along (although the shrine still exists to this day). The next time you’re in need of a message from the gods, find a quiet spot in a crowded place and say your prayer. You could be in the restroom of a restaurant or shopping mall, in a church or even in your car, about to turn on the oracle of radio. Say your prayer and walk back out into the crowds or turn on your car– plugging your ears is optional and dependent on your willingness to attract attention. What is the first clear snippet of conversation you hear? What is the song playing on the radio?

I’d love to hear about it!


Hey everyone! My first intuitive mentor, Anna Sayce, has interviewed me on her blog. In the interview we talk about how I developed my intuition and some of my more extraordinary dream experiences– experiences I haven’t shared anywhere else!

Head on over here to read the interview and to check out Anna’s incredible work.

image of Hermes by Anonymous

image of Anna Sayce and Darla Antoine created by Anna

Using Crystals As A Divination Tool

Using Crystals As A Divination Tool

It is my pleasure to welcome my dear friend and editor, Whitney, as a guest author on this blog! Whitney was one of the first woo-woo babes I ever met who seemed so . . . normal. She didn’t know it, but befriending me unlocked my inner woo-woo and gave me a sort of permission, or example, of exploring all this ” weird spiritual stuff” without becoming, well, a weirdo. She also taught me how to walk a labyrinth during a time in my life that I really needed that kind of magic, so I have a lot of admiration and respect for her. Without further ado– here’s Whitney!

Hello DIVINA Babes! I’m super excited to be a guest blogger today! Darla asked me to write a little bit about crystal divination. I’ve been into rocks, stones, minerals, you name it, since I was very young. I used to collect rocks out of the gravel in our driveway, and today I have a large collection of rocks and crystals. Recently I went to a rock show with my family, and came home with two (!) amethyst geodes. (Because clearly, one just isn’t enough!) For the sake of this article, I’ll be using the terms crystal, stone and rock interchangeably.

If you’re interested in crystals and what their purposes are, divination is a great way to jump in. Each crystal has its own meaning and purpose, and this can give us insight into our own life path. The first step in crystal divination is to collect several stones/crystals, start with 10 or so.

I use crystals for many reasons: confidence, healing, anxiety, direction, decoration and feng shui. If the day is going to be a tough one, I’ll pocket a crystal on the way out the door as a reminder to seek clarity in trying situations. If I know I’ll need some assistance, I’ll wear a carnelian stone. If I need protection or feeling threatened, I’ll wear my turquoise ring. I keep amethyst in my wealth corner of the house, and rose quartz in the love corner of my home, and I use a Himalayan salt lamp for dispelling negative energy.

Now, stones come in several categories so we’re about to go back to fifth grade for a sec, here – surely you remember your friends igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary? These are the main types of stones, crystals, minerals and rocks we’ll be working with.

Igneous rock is formed when molten magma or lava cools and hardens. Examples include rhyolite, basalt and obsidian. Metamorphic rocks and minerals are transformed earth materials which have been subjected to heat and pressure over time, deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Types of metamorphic rock include slate, marble, schist, calcite and garnet. Sedimentary rock is formed when material collects in bodies of water or at the Earth’s surface. Types include quartz and feldspar.

So, you can see that all rocks, minerals and gemstones are formulated differently – this gives them different attributes physically, but also in use with the mind and body. Each one is unique. Further treatments such as heat, carving or chemicals can also change the composition of these stones – this is why natural stones, raw or tumbled, are best.

Next, I’ll go over the crystals I personally keep on hand for divination and then I’ll walk you through the steps of crystal divination. The following metaphysical definitions are based on information from The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall;and — resources I highly recommend for crystal enthusiasts!

Crystals I Personally Use For Divination– An Evolving List

Lapis lazuli – This is a metamorphic rock, and was used in earlier times to create ultramarine pigment. Not sure if you have lapis or sodalite? Look for the tiny veins of gold and you’ve got lapis! This is a protective stone, but also encourages inner truth, honesty, clarity and creativity, and helps remove emotional bondage.

Quartz crystal – Listed as a prime factor in igneous rock, it is the product of such rock that cools over eons of time. It is also found in sedimentary rocks. Clear crystal quartz, as I am using, has a slew of uses. The main idea is that it is the most powerful healing and connection stone you can use. If this comes up in your draw, get grounded and connected, stat!

Hematite – A sedimentary mineral, it is mined out of iron ore. This is a stone that “supports timid women” and enhances confidence. It also signals and helps balance the body and inclinations to overindulge. Other areas this stone helps with – legal situations, mathematical and tactical subjects and the blood.

Aventurine – A form of quartz, this metamorphic rock often displays a shimmer of mica within its pale green color. There are several colors of this stone, but the green in particular helps with harmony and health in the heart, dissolving negative emotions and settling nausea. Also good for attracting wealth!

Jade (Jadeite) – This is a metamorphic rock, which can come in a number of colors. Mine happens to be lavender, and the meaning of that particular color helps heal emotional trauma and bring inner peace. Also good for setting boundaries.

Tiger’s Eye – A metamorphic rock, this one has fun gold and brown stripes in its tumbled form, and is generally found in jewelry as a cabochon. This stone assists with integrity, grounding, clarity of intention and distinguishing thoughts of want vs. need. Generally a stone of upholding one’s true abilities and faults.

Turquoise – This stone occurs in sedimentary and metamorphic rock, and is a stone of protection and strength. This stone also provides for inner calm, connecting the mind, body and spirit, and shields against electromagnetic smog and pollutants.

Snowflake obsidian – An igneous rock, I have had this stone for a very long time, since I was in grade school. Black with specks of white, this stone is helpful in becoming centered, recognizing negative mental thought patterns and regain mental balance and understanding.

Jasper – This amber-red stone was given to me long ago, so it has special meaning. This particular stone, an aggregate of sedimentary chalcedony and quartz, helps clear electromagnetic and environmental pollution, and absorbs negative energy. It also is a healing stone and encourages healing of one another. The red jasper I have is used specifically for bringing problems to light and providing insights, and also for dream recall.

Amethyst – A type of quartz, this stone is formed in basalt as a geode. Amethyst is a super useful stone, almost on the level of clear crystal quartz in its abilities. Generally, this is a stone for calm and focus, in addition to healing the body of imbalance. Another good stone for dream recall, this also helps fine-tune thinking, decisions, thought processes and insights.

If you need stones, look around your house, or go to a bead or rock store in your area. Once you acquire or find stones you like or that speak to you, rinse in cold water to cleanse and recharge them, or you can dredge in salt or leave them in the full moon light. Then store them in a box or bag for divination. I keep mine in a fabric drawstring bag.

Reading The Stones:

So, you have all the stones you need, everything is clean and ready to go, and now you want some divination, am I right?

Much of crystal divination works like other types – it’s all in how you ask the question. The stones can’t tell you what you should do – they can only shed light on the situation at hand. I usually ask the following: “What should I know about ____?” I place that question firmly in my mind, and then draw one or more stones.

You can also do a past, present and future draw, and ask, “What should I know about the events of yesterday, today and tomorrow?” Recently I did a pull on this, and drew the following, pulling the answer to my question from the metaphysical meaning of the stones:

“What should I know about the events of yesterday, today and tomorrow?”

Past: Turquoise – This was interesting, because I had been struggling with a few things and this stone talks about releasing old vows or inhibitions – namely, fear. This reminded me of the old question I used to ask myself – if you weren’t scared, what would you do?

Present: Quartz crystal – This sent me the message that I needed to conserve energy, and think more about my spiritual purpose, instead of just the daily grind. I was tired for a reason, and it was because I was out of balance. This was a reminder to ground myself and be in the present moment.

Future: Amethyst – Focus, new ideas, decision-making, setting realistic goals. I’ve been working on financial and project goals, and this was a reminder to make these goals doable with other commitments, as well as time for rest.

Remember to bring the question firmly into your mind before you pull your stones. Because each crystal has its own meaning and purpose, the insight you find in each will be unique to your situation. Remember to keep your daily divination notes in your DIVINA journal to reflect on later!

Whitney Carnahan is a writer, reader and crystals enthusiast who collects typewriters in her spare time. She blogs at