Sometimes Mothering IS Our Act Of Devotion

Sometimes Mothering IS Our Act Of Devotion

I should use my altar more.

I should go sit in nature more.

I should pray more.

I should leave offerings more.

I should sit in silence more.

I should be dreaming more.

I should I should I should.

More more more.

I had been praying and that prayer turned into a list of ways I was failing at my spiritual practice. I was frustrated with myself and tried to pinpoint what I was doing instead of spending time at my altar or in meditation and prayer.

The answer? I am mothering my two young sons.

When they need me, and for what, is unpredictable. There is no routine, no order, no symmetry to life with toddlers.

And to that realization I heard HER say:

“THAT is your devotion. Be their best mother.”

And I understood that all of the saintly fantasies of devotion I had in my head were for another time, another place, and possibly best left to saints. But for here? For now? Mothering is my devotion.

After all, it was hers too.


Password Magic: A Tarot Reading & Moon Ritual For The New Year

Password Magic: A Tarot Reading & Moon Ritual For The New Year

For the last four or five years, I’ve used Password Magic to help anchor my intentions for the new year. Like this New York Times article points out, passwords have power. Typing “ForgiveEx” several times a day is bound to eventually make a change in our attitude towards our ex. As is “YouRbeautiful,” “ILoveYou,” or “YouCanDoIt!”

I, of course, like to bring an element of divination to the matter:

Password Magic: A Tarot Reading For The New Year

1) Pick your form of divination. Me? I like to use tarot or oracle cards for this one.

2) Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

3) Shuffle the cards and concentrate on this question “What energy do I most need to manifest for 2016?” or “What energy would be most beneficial to me in 2016?”

4) When you feel ready, pull a card.

5) Study the card. See what message it has in store for you and distill it into a word or short phrase that can further be distilled into a password.

Maybe the message is “health,” or “independence.” If you are using a goddess-themed deck, you may choose to use the Goddess’ name itself: Persephone, Diana, Yemanja.  Perhaps you are working with a chakra-themed deck and you’re reminded to focus on the root chakra: stability, groundedness, basic needs. The password may become “IAmGrounded,” and each time you enter it you are reminded to quickly anchor yourself where ever you are.

An angel deck? You may be delighted to learn that Archangel Gabriel wants to work with you this year, and every time you type your password you are reminded to invoke his aid and wisdom.

6) Take a few moments and update the passwords all of your accounts that aren’t linked to bank accounts or credit cards– I recommend more complicated passwords for those.

7) Make note in your DIVINA journal anytime you feel the Password Magic manifesting!

Advanced Moon Babes Moon Ritual

New moons are great for beginning new things –like the new year– and full moons are great for realizing the culmination of something– like the end of a year– but go with whatever moon feels good to you: last quarter, first quarter, whichever. There will be an end-of-the-year full moon on December 25th in the sign it rules: super-intuitive Cancer and a new moon in Capricorn on January 9th.


Under the moon of your choosing, take a few moment and feel your feet on the ground. Feel the weight in your body as you stand under the moon. Imagine a root extending from the bottom of both feet and feel it as it extends down, looking for your Earth Star chakra, about 1.5-3 feet below the surface of the Earth. Feel yourself root into the Earth Star and imagine the Earth lovingly sending rich, dark, fertile energy to your Earth Star. Feel it pulsate as the energy travels up the left side of your body, igniting each of your chakras on it’s way up: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown. Now witness the bright white light of the crown chakra as it begins to travel down your energy body, also igniting each chakra as it passes: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root, Earth Star. Feel yourself rooted in this time, this place, this space, this body and affirm that your energy is grounded and balanced for the New Year.

Affirmation & Gratitude

Inhale as you speak the essence of your password (I invoke ______, I have independence, _____ is with me, etc.) out loud, and exhale gratitude for the year we are about to leave behind us, three times:

I am abundant (inhale)

Thank you 2015 (exhale)

I am abundant (inhale)

Thank you 2015 (exhale)

I am abundant (inhale)

Thank you 2015 (exhale)

Take a few moments for a moon bath and to wish on a shooting star 😉

The Stone Ritual: A Dream Message

The Stone Ritual: A Dream Message

“Show me something I need to know,” I had asked my dream guides before going to sleep. This is the dream they gave me:

I am following a woman. She is leading me to her favorite significant places and teaching me things there. She teaches me to start each ritual by sending white light to myself — past and future. She teaches me to then sit for a moment to absorb the light I’ve sent to myself from the past. She explains that over time, the healing and purifying white light energy builds upon itself so that eventually I will never be without it, as at any given moment Past Me and Future Me is sending it to Present Me.

She picks up three stones. One stone is for her mental body. One stone is for her physical body. One stone is for her emotional body. She holds the stones in turn, asking for a vibrant and healthy mental body that easily sheds what it no longer needs: negative thoughts, criticism, fear. Then she asks for a vibrant and healthy physical body that easily shed what it no longer needs: sickness, weight, pain.  She holds the last stone and asks for a vibrant and healthy emotional body that easily sheds what it no longer needs: embarrassment, anger, grief. As she holds each stone she charges it with the things she no longer needs, conscious and unconscious. She gives thanks to the Earth and casts them away, letting the Earth absorb the unwanted energies and transform it into life. She instructs me to do the same.

— Personal Dream Journal, August 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, I’ve been reviewing my dream journal from this year. There are all sorts of golden goodies in it– like this ritual. I’ll be sharing my dream journal review process soon but thought this one was too good not to share immediately. Did you keep a dream journal this year? Care to share a magical message?