Live Event! February 24, 2019

Everything you need to know about beginning your genealogical research journey including: navigating and self-care for POC when facing the implicit white bias in the field of genealogy, making ancestral reparations as WP, understanding and choosing a DNA test by-mail kit, how to discover and honor your ancestors, no matter who they were, and much more!

Full Circle Membership

Signs, synchronicities, dreams, serendipity . . . all of these magical phenomena are ways our soul speaks to us. Never are these messages more important than when we are in a transition, in a dark night of the soul. At Full Circle, you’ll learn how to map the language of your soul and, more importantly, trust it. So you can find your way out of the darkness with more ease, grace and wisdom.

Gather: A 10-Week Course

From birth to death and every significant milestone in between, food is used to mark important rites of passage and celebrations in our lives. Yet we’ve forgotten that connection happens when we gather around food.  Are you ready to have a relationship with food that connects you to your power and your community rather than isolating you in restriction?  Come Gather with us.