Geomystic™ Academy
This Academy is the first nature school designed for healers and mystics. As a Geomystic™ you’ll synthesize nature connection with ritual, magic, healing techniques and spiritual development in service to your own relationship with nature as well in holding space for nature connection and healing for your clients. This is a year-long training program with optional retreat.

Full Circle Virtual Retreat
You have Sacred Work to do in this world. Both you and your Work have a divine plan and divine assistance available to you. During our one-day virtual retreat you’ll learn how to expertly recognize, interpret and act on the magical phenomena guiding you to your purpose. If you’re looking for a right-brained and magical alternative to the standard business development wisdom out there, this is it.

Gather: Food, Feminism & Connection

From birth to death and every significant milestone in between, food is used to mark important rites of passage and celebrations in our lives. Yet we’ve forgotten that connection happens when we gather around food.  Are you ready to have a relationship with food that connects you to your power and your community rather than isolating you in restriction?  Come Gather with us.