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Become An Ancestral Flame Tender

If you followed any of your blood lineages back far enough, you’d find that, at some point in time, your people had an active and vibrant form of tending and revering their dead. In today’s modern, fast-paced and forward reaching culture, ancestral reverence has all but disappeared. But the truth is, our ancestors can be a vital resource for spiritual protection, blessing, insight and healing. In this one-hour workshop, learn the basics and the benefits of ancestral flame tending. Click on the button below to learn more or to take the course!


A Course In Dreams

Dreams are a threshold to the magical and mystical. When we dream we can travel to new worlds, visit with departed loved ones, receive healing and divine guidance, reduce our stress levels, learn more about the future . . . not to mention have a rip roaring adventure!

This course will teach you everything you need to know about dreaming. You’ll learn:

  • To recall and even re-enter dreams
  • How to interpret your own dreams
  • How to act on your dreams
  • How to share your dreams
  • The ancient (and still applicable!) art of dream incubation
  • How to work with nightmares
  • How to introduce your kids to dreamwork

Plus! Download the 165 page PDF version of the course. This print-friendly version includes step-by-step instructions for the how-to’s covered in the course PLUS dreamwork assignments, journal prompts, several real-life examples/stories and 20 (!) different spiritual rituals to enhance your dreaming.