An Evening With The Ancestors: Replay

Grab your workshop replay before November 2nd! In this 1 hour workshop we go over everything you need to know about Halloween and Day of The Dead– including cultural appropriation! You’ll also learn how and why you need to honor your ancestors at this time of year. Plus! Learn a candle and a dream divination technique for the thinning veil to get guidance on your year ahead.

The Discovery & Reverence Kit

This kit has everything you need to discover, connect with and honor your ancestral lineage. Kit includes: Anti-Racist Genealogy Research webinar with Ancestral Discovery workbook and the Ancestral Reverence audio class with companion workbook.

9-Day Challenge

Join this free challenge to experience food as a sacred ceremony of ancestral connection and cultural wisdom. We’ve been separated from these wisdom lineages by convenience culture, patriarchy, industrialization and diet culture– among many other things. This challenge is your first step to reconnecting and re-membering your wisdom lineages through food.

Food Mysteries & Rituals

In this 1:1 course and mentorship, you’ll learn how to re-member yourself in your lineage through food. Access the ancestral and cultural wisdom waiting for you through kitchen rituals, recipe box grimoires and through the power and pleasure of food and ceremony.

Charting Serendipity

Your ancestors and the divine are speaking to and guiding you every day through magical occurrences and other divine winks and nudges. You don’t need a vision board, high vibes or a laser focus– you just need to pick up the bread crumbs. In this course you’ll learn the unusual origins of serendipity, how to attune yourself to serendipity and how to find and follow those divine clues.