Become An Ancestral Flame Tender

If you’d like to dip your toes into the world of Food, Culture and Ancestors this introductory course is just for you.

By the end of this one-hour workshop you’ll understand exactly how to:

  • Ensure you are connecting with your well ancestors and not inviting unresolved ancestral wounds into your life
  • How to create and use an ancestral altar, including the do’s and important dont’s of placing certain items on an ancestral altar
  • When, how and for what reasons to call on your ancestors for spiritual/life guidance and support
  • How traditional ancestral foods can help you bridge the generations
  • How to honor and incorporate your ancestors into your daily life and spiritual practice– with or without an altar
  • How connecting with the ancestors can heal personal, familial and even cultural wounds
  • How to call on your ancestors for physical and spiritual blessing and protection
  • How to receive guidance from your ancestors


Food. Culture. Ancestors: The Workshop

Take a deeper look into the foods of your ancestors. Learn how food creates and sustains cultural identity and legacy in this two hour workshop. Whether you’re working to reclaim a lost piece of your cultural heritage or you’re trying to understand the rich tapestry of your culture’s favorite foods and the stories they tell. Food is a cultural marker that passes on legacy, tradition and community and can transform our identity. Coming January 2018. Get on the wait list here.


A Course In Dreams

From sporadically dreaming to regularly receiving divine guidance and creative solutions through dreams– in four weeks or less. This is the course for you if you are interested in using your dreams to explore other realms of consciousness, your deep inner self or to use as a bridge of communication with your ancestors. Learn how to remember, re-enter and incubate dreams along with dream interpretation, working with nightmares and working with kids and their dreams. Audio + PDF


The Blueprint Cycles: A foundational course in spirituality and the wisdom of the seasons in your life and body

December 12th and 13th

The seasons, the lunar cycle, the sun cycle, your menstrual cycle and even your circadian rhythm all point to your unique blueprint and to the blueprint of life on Earth. When you understand how these cycles layer together, work together and, at times, provide valuable contrast to one another, your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual life can become much easier, healthier and more meaningful.

In this four part workshop series you’ll learn:

  • What your menstrual cycle is all about and how to work with it as your guide to all earthly concerns such as diet, exercise, sex, weight loss, morning routines, finances and more
  • How to use the lunar cycles to add feminine magic and ease to your life and as a substitute for your menstrual cycle if you don’t have one.
  • The hidden energetic masculine mojo in your circadian rhythm and how to use it.
  • How to address seasonal or monthly blues via the Blueprint Cycles.
  • How these Blueprint Cycles are microcosms for the four seasons and for the cycle of life and death.
  • How to anchor into these Cycles in times of personal or seasonal transition for grounding and guidance.
  • How to tap into the Blueprint Cycles for a deeper connection to your ancestors and/or spiritual DNA.
  • How to use the cycles to balance your own masculine and feminine energies and prerogatives.

Course is available on a sliding scale between $97 and $147 for a limited time.

DIVINA: A dream, divination and lunar journal

This journal is designed to help you capture and amplify the whispers of your soul. Record your dreams, divinations, lunar phases and menstrual cycles while keeping track of signs, synchronicities and the things you’re grateful for.

“Neptune in Pisces until 2027 is THE time to develop your dream practice and now this fantastic book is out! I love mine.” — Mystic Medusa

Oracle: A Beginner’s Guide to Divination & Spirituality

Are you going through a spiritual awakening? Do you think of yourself as a spiritual-newbie? Know someone who is? This book is perfect for beginners who want to understand what all this business about intuitive guidance, ritual, astrology, dreamwork, chakras etc., is about– without all of the New Age jargon and fluff. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to be your own ORACLE.

Gurus, goddess names and “the gift” not required.