A membership about the cultural, ancestral and communal power of food.

(And why these sacred connections matter now more than ever)





Gathering around food is a sacred act.

From birth to death and every significant milestone in between, food is used to mark important rites of passage and celebrations in our lives. Yet we’ve forgotten that big things happen when we gather around food. We’ve forgotten that connection happens when we gather around food. Connection to family and friends, connection to earth and heritage. Connection to ourselves.

Instead of relishing the sacred power of food we fear, shame and police it . . . and ourselves.

Are you too busy counting calories or macros to notice the real nourishment that’s on your plate?

Do you feel held hostage by the loud (and often contrary) messages the “experts” have about what food should and shouldn’t be?

Do you intuitively know that food and eating is supposed to be sacred . . .  and easy?

That’s why I created Gather.


 Gather is an online membership and course about how food connects us. How food connects us to the wisdom in our bodies, our culture, our lineage, our communities and the earth.


Not only have I created this program, but I spent 2007-2011 researching and writing my master’s thesis on this very subject at the University of New Mexico. This is my unique expertise in the world.


This isn’t a new diet or an anti-diet. It’s a missing and important piece about how we think about and utilize food.


Our fast-paced and modern lifestyles have created a disconnect between what we think food is and what food really is. Diet culture, consumerism and the culture of instant gratification have whittled away at the power of food to connect, soothe and empower.

Are you ready to have a relationship with food that connects you to your power and your community rather than isolating you in restriction?

Are you ready to Gather at the sacred table?




With This Membership Program You Will Learn . . .

  • How food creates the template for all human communication and bonding
  • What happens spiritually, emotionally and socially when we restrict or demonize food
  • How food can awaken ancestral wisdom in your body and why this is key to a healthy relationship with food . . . and a healthy future for the world
  • The “ancestral code” in your DNA that informs your food preferences, quirks, and habits (it’s real!)

  • How diet culture is stripping us of actual culture and perpetuating misogyny and xenophobia . . . and how to stop it
  • Why cookbooks and recipes are actually part of your feminist legacy and how to pass it on
  • How you can bring a little more spirit and soul into your cooking repertoire while using food and mealtime to create sacred gathering
  • How food is a physical manifestation of your relationship to the natural world and what it can tell you about spiritual health
  • And so much more!




What’s Included:

Monthly Core Lessons

Private Coaching Thread

Live Q & A Calls and Chats

Integrated Course & Community

In addition, the course is delivered with a balance of




So you can absorb the content in your preferred (or convenient) learning style.

The Curriculum:

Gather is a course  delivered in a membership format. Each month has a “theme” or a core lesson. Each lesson is delivered as a prerecorded audio and will also have a follow-up how-to lesson so you can take clear and practical steps towards implementing the material into your daily life. Each month a recommended resources kit will also be published to complement the theme and core lesson of the month so you can dive deeper into the topic when and where you want to. Below is a sample of the curriculum, it is subject to change.


How Food Connects Us


In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • How food sets the foundation for all of our relationships
  • How diet culture perpetuates disconnection and isolation
  • Why comfort food is a source of personal power and how to tap into it
  • How to flip the script on diet culture and find homeostasis


Why We Fear Food (And How To Stop)


In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • The origins of diet culture as a form of mass control (it’s kind of ridiculous)
  • Why we have been conditioned to fear food and how to break free
  • How to identify your patterns and looping behaviors around food fears
  • A simple tool and practice to break those patterns and loops once and for all


Ancestors, Landscape & Legacy


In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • How the relationship your ancestors had with food is alive and informing your own relationship with food
  • How to put together a basic family history for valuable insights on your life and family dynamics
  • How to connect to your own indigenous landscape, even if you’ve never been there


Seeds For The Future


In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • Why NOW is the time to reclaim ancestral knowledge– before it’s too late
  • How to cultivate and pass on the skills your descendants need from you, their ancestor
  • How food is a bridge between our bodies and the earth and why we can’t forget this
  • How to tap into the wisdom of your Future Self to guide your legacy today


Cookbooks & Recipes As Sacred Text


In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • How cookbooks and recipes are sources of social & financial power for women
  • Why cookbooks are part of your feminist legacy
  • How to really read a recipe for social context, relationship cues and hidden wisdom
  • How the untold history of recipes can help you break up with dieting
  • How to write a recipe as a time capsule


Food Skills Made Easy


In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • The myth of the family dinner and how it’s been used to trap you
  • How to learn how to cook and to actually enjoy it
  • How to cook a fantastic meal when you’re short or time, ingredients or enthusiasm
  • My top tips for mixing and matching what’s already on hand without a recipe
  • My secret strategy for balancing convenience with skills in the kitchen


How To Create Sacred Gatherings


In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • Practical tips for hosting successful and meaningful gatherings of any size
  • Behind-the-scenes real magic for any event (your guests never have to know!)
  • How to create a meal that adds spiritual or sentimental value to a gathering
  • What rituals to do before and after your event to ensure all goes smoothly


How To Create A Recipe Box Heirloom


In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • All about the feminist tradition of creating a spiritual heirloom known as a grimoire
  • How to curate and create your own grimoire spiritual heirloom
  • Surprising things you’ll want to include in your recipe box heirloom
  • How to bless and spiritually protect the heirloom for future generations



Here’s How The Membership Will Work:

The first Wednesday of each month a new lesson will be delivered. The second Wednesday a How-To lesson will be published to help you integrate and experience the theme of the month. The third Wednesday a recommended resource kit will be published and will included podcast, website, book and other resources that complement the month’s lessons. There will also be a weekly live chat every Wednesday and a quarterly live q & a (March, June, September and December).

Throughout the entire course you’ll have access to the community platform where you will be invited to participate in challenges and discussions and are encouraged to ask questions and to share stories, recipes and insights. I’ll be in there regularly to facilitate, give feedback and answer your questions. A private coaching thread between you and me is also available through the course platform (yay!) Below is the first year’s curriculum. It is subject to change.

At The End Of Your First Year Of Membership You Will:

  • Know why food is so much more than anonymous fuel and how it connects us to time, place and lineage
  • Understand how food connects us to our human experience and how diet culture is disconnecting us
  • Experience how food connects us to earth and landscape and why this is a vital part of nourishing our psyches
  • Reclaim kitchen skills and ancestral foodways to the degree that empowers and emboldens you
  • Understand why we are at a tipping point in world history and what we can do today to help our descendants navigate the new world that is coming tomorrow
  • Know how to expertly host a gathering around food– whether your guests are clued in on the magic you’re working behind the scenes or not
  • Create a recipe box spiritual heirloom as a keepsake, time capsule and survival tool for your descendants
  • Be fortified by the stories and wisdom of recommended experts ranging from a feminist nutritionist to a fat health coach, a conscientious subsistence hunter to American expats and indigenous food writers


Are you ready to experience food as a nourishing oral history?

Are you ready to let food connect you with the wisdom of your body and of the earth?

Are you ready to Gather at the sacred table?




About Darla:

Hello, I’m Darla. And food as sacred connection is my area of expertise. Gather is based on my original research in fulfilling the requirements for my master’s degree in intercultural communication from the University of New Mexico and on what I’ve learned over the last 10 years while consistently working with spiritual mentors.

But more than that, this membership has been born out of my lived experience.

I grew up in my maternal ancestral homelands— the Okanogan Highlands of Washington State. I know what it’s like to be membered into a landscape. To know the names of the mountains and stories of my ancestors in those mountains. I know what it’s like to know where and how to fish, hunt and pick berries on the same land that my ancestors depended on for sustenance.

I also know what it’s like to try to connect what’s been disconnected. My maternal grandmother was forced into an Indian Boarding School as a child to be forcibly assimilated to Western Culture. We lost the language, the ceremonies, the stories and the culture (and so much more) just two generations ago.

Finally, in 2011, I moved to a high mountain farm in Costa Rica because I fell in love with a Costa Rican. Nearly eight years later and I’m still here, raising two little boys and trying to give them roots where I am rootless. I’m learning how to love, tend and live in a landscape to which I am utterly foreign and which is also a stranger to me (a big contrast to the landscape I grew up in).

This membership has lovingly been created to include everything I know, use and experience when connecting with who I am and the people and landscapes that mean the most to me, even when they aren’t physically present, through food.

Gather is available as a stand-alone membership or as part of my in-person retreats in Costa Rica.

“I’ve been learning so much from Darla about ancestry, food, and women’s connection to it all. She has incredible knowledge that I’m so happy she is sharing with us because it’s invaluable and part of our inner healing, family healing, and creating social change. I cannot recommend Darla and all of her work enough!”

Cameron Airen

Feminist Mindset Coach & Gender Consultant

“This is such a long overdue conversation we need to be having with ourselves. Thank you, Darla, for bringing this to the forefront. This is far too important not to be discussing.”

Chayla Baer

Alchemedium, Guide & Channel





What is the refund policy?

Your first week is free. If you don’t find Gather to be nourishing and invigorating you can cancel your membership before your seven-day free trial is over and you won’t be charged. Because of the digital and instant nature of the program information, there are no refunds.

How long is the Gather membership program?

The core curriculum of Gather is spread out over 12 months. After the initial 12 months there will be an alumni curriculum incorporated into Gather.

Why are the live calls only quarterly? Most memberships have monthly live calls.

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, it’s totally up for negotiation. If it makes sense to move these calls to monthly options, I’m willing to try it. Second, I live in rural Costa Rica and the internet is terrible. To host a live Q & A I have to drive two hours to my sister-in-law’s house. I don’t want to promise I can do that every month at this point. However, I host weekly live chats (text-based) within the Gather platform and you also have a private coaching chat thread with me within the platform, so there should be plenty of opportunity to be in touch. The text-based chatting makes it possible for me to participate from my high mountain farm and for all of us to participate no matter what is going on in the background so, for now, I’m prioritizing that method.

Is this membership for me?

This membership is for spiritually-centered women, femmes and other seekers who want to break the chains of diet culture while learning how to nurture themselves, their loved ones, the earth and their legacy through food. This is not a diet, it’s a radical paradigm shift in how to view and use food. There are no rules and no dogma attached to what, why or how to eat– just a strong ask that you consider food as a sacred connector. If you can get behind all of that, you’ll love this course.

Will I lose weight?

You might! The goal of this course is to shift the way you experience and utilize food. Freeing your energy around food and allowing yourself to seek the comfort and connection you’re seeking through food can very well cause you to lose weight but it is not the goal or the promise of this course. Alternatively, if you’ve spent many years restricting your food and your energy around food, you may experience weight gain when initially dropping diet culture. Most people eventually come to a comfortable and satisfying homeostasis some time after dropping diet culture.

Is there a Facebook community as part of this membership?

Nope. I myself don’t use Facebook and prefer to keep the membership format as simple and clean as possible. However, the course platform is wholly integrated with a community that, honesty, is cleaner and smarter than Facebook. Check it out today! Your first week is free and you can cancel at anytime.