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You have a book in you.

And I’m here to help you shape, write and publish it.

Whether you need:

  • a genius book proposal
  • your intellectual property developed into a book; or
  • coaching and editing for your own writing process,

I’ve got you covered.

How It Works

First we’ll meet for a free consult call. During that time I’ll learn more about your project, your desires and your concerns. Then I’ll send you a proposal highlighting a few different ways we can work together. Once we negotiate a collaboration that works best for you, we’ll sign a contract and begin.

I write from an intersectional and social justice lens. I will not take on projects that I deem predatory, misleading or harmful to marginalized groups. Some of my favorite topics to write about include conscious business, humanitarian work, personal development, anti-dieting, spirituality, sex and relationships

Hello! I’m Darla.

I’m a ghostwriter who specializes in working with thought leaders, incognito mystics, humanitarians and other world-changing professionals.

I can help you craft your intellectual property, your life story or hard-won experiences into a genius book proposal or an industry-shattering book. Whether I ghostwrite for you or guide you through your own writing process, I’m here for you.

Say goodbye to procrastination, false starts and overwhelm! My services are completely customizable to your needs, desires and your own writing skills.

My Services

Writing a full-length book is a large undertaking of my time and your money. Expect to invest at least $20,000 if not much more. Because of the high investment, level of intimacy and trust involved in helping you develop something as personal as a book, I recommend starting with one of the services below. Through the Start My Book or the Create My Book Proposal processes, not only will the idea of your book be strongly developed, but you and I will know if we are good fit for one another. From here we can talk about next steps. It’s also possible that through one of the services below you’ll have the structure, framework and momentum to confidently write your book with little or no involvement from me.

Start My Book
This is for you when you’ve got existing intellectual property and you need help turning it into a book. I’ll outline your book, write up the synopsis and create your table of contents. You can take the project over from there or we can discuss ghostwriting or editing options. Investment is $1,500

All said and done this is what’s included:

  • A 2-hour intake and strategy call
  • Identification of your book’s message
  • A written synopsis of your book
  • Your author bio
  • Your table of contents
  • A comprehensive outline to make writing the book straightforward and strategic
  • Follow-up and clarification calls as needed throughout the process


Create My Book Proposal

We’ll take your intellectual property and turn it into a complete book proposal. Investment begins at $3,000. Full service (proposal, third party editing and query letter plus identifying literary agents) investment begins at $5,000.

This is what’s included:

  • A 2-hour intake and strategy call
  • A complete book proposal including sample chapters
  • 3 Rounds of revisions
  • Follow-up and clarification calls as needed throughout the process


Book Doctor

If you’ve got a partially or wholly completed first or second draft of a book or book proposal, I’ll go through it to make edits and suggestions to make it stronger, tighter and more engaging.  Price varies by project.

Next Steps

Tell me about your project and which services you’re interested in and we’ll go from there. I also take on ghostwriting, copywriting and other editing projects not listed here. Let’s talk!

Get In Touch!

Let’s chat about what a book can do for you and your business. Use the form below to tell me more about your project . I’ll let you know how I can help and set up a free consultation.

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