Mirror Magic

For psychic protection and conflict resolution

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . .

From divination and glamour magic to childhood games of Bloody Mary, mirrors have long been known to be a portal in between worlds.

This inter-dimensional power can also be used to call forward protection from The Evil Eye, jealousy, astral snoops and psychic attack . . . in life and in business.


If you do spiritual work for yourself or others, strategically programming and placing a physical and energetic mirrors in the right places can help keep your working environment calm, psychically clean and private.

Which means you and your work are more powerful, effective and unimpeded.

And your clients experience the results they’re looking for.

Whether you’re a spiritual worker, healer, astrologer, tarot reader, psychic or body worker, mirrors can be invaluable behind-the-scenes strategy for your business.


Mirrors can also be used in interpersonal conflict as a way to covertly deflect projections and to invite all parties to self-reflect. This can save time, loads of regret and talking in circles.

This can help keep the peace, balance the scales and set up psychic boundaries that help keep energetic vampires at bay.



In this course you’ll learn exactly how we use psychic mirrors in our professional and personal lives and how you can too . . . all in the name of boundaries, working through conflict and protecting ourselves from other people’s projections (and bullsh*t).

But reader beware: these mirrors are two-way and you’ll also be asked to check your projections and engage in self-reflection.

(We think that’s a good thing.)



Seven Short Video Lessons

The average length of each video is 10 minutes, making the lessons concise and applicable almost immediately

Watch Anytime, Anywhere

This course is compatible on all smart phones, tablets, desktops and laptops

Unlimited Access for 1 Year

Enjoy unlimited access to the course and course materials for 365 Days; that’s plenty of time to rewatch the videos, implement the magic and see results!

Aid Conflict Resolution

Learn how to use mirrors to work through interpersonal conflict with friends or family members. Note: Mirrors are a tool not a magic bullet. Time, work and effort are still required

Psychic Protection

Protect your spiritual work from jealousy, the Evil Eye, astral snoops and other forms of generic psychic attack

Create Sacred Space

Whether you take in-person clients or do distance work (or both), mirrors are a great way to create safe sacred space for your work and for your client’s transformation

 Please read the Note of Consent at the bottom of this page.


Sarah H. Nicotra

Sarah is a professional coach (ICF and HeartMath certified), modern day völva/seeress and an experienced spiritual care provider (including as a Hospice Chaplain).

You can think of her as your Spiritual Nutritionist. 

Here’s what Sarah wants you to know: we’re living in a time of unprecedented collapse, disintegration, and turmoil. We’ve been orphaned from our relationship with our bodies as a complex energy system and as a portal to other realms. This isolation has had devastating consequences on our health and has calloused our relationship with nature and the spirit world. 

Sarah helps spiritual and sensitive folks manage their energy, recenter themselves in the face of chronic conditions and become more rooted, resilient and magical (without bullshit complicated systems) . . . all in the name of living and dying well. You can learn more about Sarah and her work, here.

Darla Antoine

Darla is a feminist copywriter and spiritual worker who believes in the power of words– and in taking the time to find just the right words. She works with culture-changing, earth-tending, feminist and socially-conscious entrepreneurs who want to expand their message and fill their programs without predatory, manipulative or culturally-appropriated language.

Instead, she shows you how to use vision, values and earned credibility to powerfully invite your clients into a transformative experience . . . with a heaping teaspoon of behind-the-scenes Word Magic to help amplify your message. Words have power and magic. And pens just may be wands. You can learn more about Darla and her work, here.

Learn the art of Mirror Magic for your life and business today!

Please read the Note of Consent at the bottom of this page.

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