Rooted Here

A 6-month program for tending your ancestral connections to food, home & land

What Happens When:

  • We remember that food is a spiritual gateway? A holy communion?
  • We remember what our ancestors knew about the mysteries of food and cooking? Of sacred hospitality and holy feasts?
  • We connect with the spirit of the land we live on and offer to be of service?
  • We honor the spirit of our house and our household spirits and learn how to make our home a sacred sanctuary for them and for us?
  • We allow our relationship to food, home and land to be transformed and infused with trust? . . . With health? . . . With reverence?

If you're ready to answer those questions . . .

Rooted Here is for you.

Rooted Here is a deep dive into your ancestral wisdom. You'll connect directly with your ancestors to discover foodways, kitchen witchery, rituals for tending home and hearth and more.

You'll also connect and work with the spirit of your home, household spirits (or invite some in if you don't have any!) and the spirit of the land you live on. These connections have the power to transform your life by increasing the amount of magic you experience (yay! magic!) while helping you feel be supported and well-resourced in all of your endeavors.

In short: You'll learn to root into yourself

What's Included?

Each month, you'll ritually connect with your ancestors (I'll teach you how!) and allow them to guide you to your ancestral foodways and significant food stories. You'll also be privy to ancestal (h)earth tending insights. I'll back it all up with deep dive masterclasses and a monthly ritualized recipe, cooking technique or home care practice so you can:

  • Learn to ritually infuse food and recipes
  • Add a little magic and soulful nourishment to your existing kitchen skills
  • Create a magical relationship with your home-- one that helps you and your guests feel rooted
  • Honor your home and household spirits with rituals and offerings 
  • Connect with your ancestors to redefine your relationship to food
  • Establish a relationship with the land where you live
  • Learn to ritually feed your ancestors and the land spirits in a way that fosters respect but also establishes boundaries

Rooted Here

Tending Your Ancestral Connections To Food, Home & Land

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This program is not for the casual spiritual dabbler or the surface-dwelling seeker. 

YOU will be connecting and working directly with spirits. I will provide the container and safety precautions but this course 100% hinges on your willingness to go deep and to form real connections-- not just gather intellectual material.

Rooted Here has six primary modules, one each month. Each module is designed to take you from seed to soil, from kitchen to table and from nourishing yourself to nourishing your ancestors. 

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn . . . 

May 2018 | Seed & Soil

Connect To Ancestors & Ancestors Of Place

The information you receive here will inform your experience for the entire course. You'll receive information on ancestral foodways as well as learn how to honor your ancestors and the ancestors of the land you live on.These connections have implications for health, home, family and also for earth and social justice. 

June 2018 | Home

Connecting To The Spirit(s) Of Your Home

It's been said that the home is a microcosm for the world. Work with folklore and spiritual blessings to bless and work with your home for more ease, peace and fulfillment in your life, including long-waited for home remodels and updates (I experienced this one first hand!)

July 2018 | Kitchen

Kitchen Alchemy: Medicine & Nourishment  

Learn how to ritualize a recipe, cook intuitively and how to use common food items in rituals or house spells. You'll also invoke The Elements, beginning to understand the alchemy of medicine and nourishment (mind, body and soul) that happens in a kitchen. Plus: How To Set Up A Sacred Kitchen

August 2018 | Table 

Sacred Hospitality & Gratitude

The laws, etiquette and taboos of Hospitality are as ancient as civilization. We'll look at these laws and etiquettes to draw meaning on cultural and familial values that are still prevelant today, bringing new meaning to the idea of "entertaining angels unawares."

September 2018 | Nourish

Rooting Into Nourishment  

Stop over thinking, punishing and obsessing about food and let yourself be nourished. We'll talk about the industrial and colonial systems that have set us up for an unhealthy relationship with food, how this distracts and subtracts from our power and how to come into right relationship with food.

October 2018 | Return

Honoring The Ancestors

Food has long been a sacred offering of reverence & rememberance to ancestors, spirits and dieties. You will culminate your explorations and experiences of this program in hosting a sacred Ancestral Feast for Samhain, Halloween, Day of the Dead or the thinning of the veil while appreciating food as a spiritual gateway in all its glory. From creating and receiving nourishment to returning nourishment to the ancestors, this marks our full circle. 

Ok, What's The Nitty Gritty?

Each Month You'll Take Part In:

  • 1 live (and recorded) masterclass revolving around the month’s topic
  • 1 live (and recorded) Q+A and community circle to share our experiences, questions and discoveries 
  • 1 topic-specific kitchen/home ritual or recipe to help you experience and deepen into your spiritual practice 
  • 2 private sessions with me, to be scheduled within the six-month course container, to work through trouble areas, ensure a strong connection with your ancestors and to support you however I can
  • 24/7 access to your cohort and instructor in an off-facebook virtual community, facilitated by moi (not an employee)
  • Plus: 1 or more self-guided ancestral connection rituals (I'll teach you how!), optional reflection prompts for social media, blog posts, long-form essays, private journals, etc. and a curated just-for-this-course resource list of supplemental movies, podcasts, articles, websites, books and other relevant materials that will help you go deeper when and if you want to.

About Darla Antoine

As an Okanagan tribal member, I grew up rooted in my maternal ancestral homelands-- where thousands of Okanagan/Colville generations have been rooted before me. While I felt an intense sense of grounding and belonging through the land and through the food that the land produced, I was violently separated from traditions, rituals and other ancestral wisdom via the forced assimilation of my great-grandparents and my grandmother.

The desire to reconcile my multi-racial and cultural identities led me to earn a master's degree in intercultural communication-- where I studied how food creates and sustains our cultural identities intergenerationally . . . in other words: food and ancestors.

When my ancestors asked me to move to a foreign land, I was equally devasted and excited. Now that I'm raising my own children on a high mountain farm in Costa Rica, half a world away from my own ancestral roots, weaving the threads of ancestral connection to food, home and land is more important to me than ever. Rooted Here is my own personal process, writ large for you. No matter where you are in the world, no matter where your ancestors came from and no matter your living situation, you too can become Rooted Here.

Where ever and how ever you are, you too can become Rooted Here.

Enrollement Opens on April 27th


Rooted Here

Tending Our Ancestral Connections To Food, Home & Land

Enter your name and email below to be the first to know when the doors to Rooted Here open:

How It Works:

  • Once you sign up, you'll receive access to a password-protected program portal (say that 10 times fast). An introduction video on ritually connecting with your ancestors will be waiting for you.
  • You'll also receive an email announcing the location of our off-Facebook community and how you can login.
  • Beginning May 6th, I'll be dripping out new content every Sunday, four Sundays a month. In the event a month has five Sundays, the fifth Sunday will be a breather/break week. You can access this content via the password-protected program portal. I'll also be sending you emails to keep you up to date with current content.
  • Monthly lectures and Q&A sessions will be live and recorded. You're encouraged to join live when you can! 

Are you ready to be Rooted Here?


How much time will this take per week?

I would expect to spend an hour with the course material every week and another 2-3 hours carrying out assignments, for a total of no more than 4 hours a week. Some weeks, like masterclass weeks, will require less time than the weeks you're given a ritual to perform, for example.

Will the calls be recorded?

Yes, they will be live and also recorded. Replays will be available in video and audio.

Do I have to be a witch to take this course?

No. In fact, I'm not a witch. This course explores food, home and land rituals and forms spiritual connections. Some people who do this work may identify as witches (and if that's you-- welcome!) but you don't have to be a witch to enjoy and experience this sort of magic.

I don't know how to connect with my ancestors, can I still take this course?

Yes! In fact, the first thing I will teach you is how to safely connect with your ancestors.

My ancestors are shitheads. Why would I want to connect with them?

Eh, we've all got some less-desirables in our family closet. However, our perspectives can and do change after death. We'll begin the connection by ensuring that you do not take on any of the trauma, wounds or harm of your unwell ancestors, we will only be contacting your well and elevated ancestors-- the ones who have gotten over their shithead phases. After establishing these ancestral relationships, it's easy to begin healing the rest of the lineage.

I was adopted and don't know my blood ancestors.

You don't need to know anything about any of your lineages to connect or have a relationship with them. In fact, the less you know the more easily you can give way to trusting the information you receive from your ancestors.

How much does this program cost?

This is a six month program at $200 a month. You can make these monthly installments or make 1 or 2 larger payments. To make one or two larger payments, please email me at | Partial scholarships are available.

How exactly will we be working with spirits?

One of the things I see in online spiritual communities and courses is the intellectualization of spiritual information without the actual interfacing with spirits. We will be ritually connecting and communicating with your ancestors, the spirit of your home and with the ancestral spirits the land you live on. Spiritual ritual is a two-way street, it is NOT us talking and wishing at the spirit world as if we're throwing spaghetti on the veil to see what sticks. This communication will happen through light meditative states, dreamwork (if you are so inclined), and through synchronicities. A side effect of learning how to do this work is an overall heightened sensitivity of your intuition. You will also be given tools to establish boundaries with the spirits so you needn't fear Things That Go Bump In The Night.

The Fine Print

Scholarships: partial scholarships/a sliding scale are available for black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC), LGBTQIA+ and even for heterosexual, cis-gendered, blue-collared white people who have been beaten down by The System. If you’re interested in a partial scholarship please contact me at and tell me about your situation in 4-5 sentences. (This isn't about you presenting your case and me judging if you've done a good job of it. This is about knowing what's going on in your life so I can better support you and so we can be in good relationship with one another). I’ll respond with sliding scale payment and scheduling instructions.

Refund Policy: This program is an investment in your spiritual practice and ancestral relationships. When you make your first payment, you are entering into a sacred container and agreement. Please don't enter into the agreement if you are unsure of your abilitiy to follow through for the 6 months. That said, life happens. If you run into a situation that makes it difficult for you to proceed with the course, financially or practically, first please email me [] to see if there is a solution we can work out. You may cancel at anytime but there are no refunds.