YOUR Words Have Power.

They shape your reality and form the container for your Great Work.

The words on your website also shape the reality of your client’s experience of your Work.

Traditional marketing tells us to use words that agitate pain points and speak to “what keeps your client up at night.” This is to invoke a fear-based emotional response that will encourage your client to see your product or offering as a solution to their pain or fear and to take action (buy the Thing).

Feminist marketing uses words that invoke vision and values and speak to what kind of world your client wants to live in. This may acknowledge pain (no spiritual bypassing here!) but it does not agitate it. Instead feminist marketing invokes a love and value-based emotional response that encourages your client to see your product or offering as a bridge between their current and desired reality and invites the client to take action.

When you work with me you’ll get powerful, conversational and feminist copy that earns high-trust and engagement without recreating oppressive and isolating Patriarchal power dynamics.

This means:

  • Leading with vision and values . . . not pain points and fear-based emotions (bonus! Leading with vision helps identify you as a leader.)
  • Leaning into our hard-earned authority and expertise . . . not a makeover/Cinderella Story
  • Using language that encourages conscious decision making . . . not unconscious social or ancestral trauma responses
  • Using socially-conscious language that doesn’t harm or exclude the marginalized and vulnerable members of society
  • Naming the Thing . . . not passing systemic and cultural short falls off as individual failures
  • Being culturally-appropriate with our word choices . . . not culturally appropriative (looking at you tribe, gypsy and woke)
  • Using honest urgency to set boundaries around a transaction . . . not as a tripwire to pressure a sale
  • Using high-consent marketing and sales tactics . . . because how we do one thing is how we do everything


The Result?

You’ll have new and effective copy that you feel proud of, invigorated by and that serves your Great Work without undermining or erasing it with Toxic Patriarchal Default Tactics.

Hello! I’m Darla.
I specialize in working with healers, coaches, sacred space holders and feminist entrepreneurs who want to expand their message and fill their programs without predatory, manipulative or culturally appropriated language.

I bring a B.A. and 20 years of experience in  journalism, a master’s degree in intercultural communication and training as a feminist copywriter, spiritual worker and ancestral healer to my services.

I’ve got the education, the theory, the training, the experience and the practice and now I want to help YOU create compelling, effective, inclusive and feminist copy for your website or service.

Because Words Have Power.

My Services

Below you’ll find descriptions of my three standard offerings, however there are endless possibilities for project scopes and timelines, which is why before we begin working together I’d like to get on the phone with you for 20 minutes or so. This allows me to really feel out the project you need worked on and let’s us see if we are a good fit for one another. It’s also why you don’t see any prices listed on this page– it really all depends on what you need. However, you can expect most projects to begin at $2,000 USD and go up from there.

This is what the process of working together looks like, assuming we’ve done the initial 20-minute call and both of us want to move forward:

Step 1: Copywriting Proposal

Based on our initial conversation and the needs you’ve described, I’ll send you a project proposal. This will include: two or three Package Options, the Scope of Work, Projected Time-frames, Quotations, Project Authorization and the Terms and Conditions.

Step 2: Proposal Acceptance

If you’re happy with the Proposal, you’ll choose a package and return the Project Authorization and pay the required deposit (usually 50%)

Step 3: Project Intake and Briefing

This is a 90-minute Zoom call in which we’ll discuss the nitty gritty of the project and I’ll interview you in order to get a deeper feel for what you want and need. This means deciding the tone of voice of the project, the features and benefits of your product or service, your USP (Unique Selling Position), understanding your target audience/ideal customer and more.

Step 4: The First Draft

Then I’ll get busy writing the first draft of the project. For larger projects, such as an entire website, I’ll first write one sample page for your review to make sure you’re happy with the overall tone and style before I write the rest of the Project 1st Draft

Step 5: First Client Review

I’ll send you the first draft in a copy deck with instructions on how to make and track changes, comments and suggestions. Any and all feedback is good feedback. I live for constructive criticism (and high praise *wink*). But seriously, the feedback you give in this first round it the most important. Make sure you set aside the time and the attention to be thorough.

Step 6: The Second Draft & Second Client Review

With your feedback in hand, I’ll work on the second draft and then send it to you for further suggestions and changes.


Step 7: The Third Draft & Third Client Review

It’s likely that at this point you will be thrilled with your copy. If not, there is a third draft and round of revisions included. Anything after the Third Draft will be an extra charge (the more thorough we are in the Project Intake & Briefing Interview, and the more attention to detail you bring to the First Client Review, the less likely we’ll need anything beyond a Second or Third Draft).

Step 8: The Final Product

At this point I’ll send you the final product along with the End Of Project Sign Off form.

Step 9: End of Project Sign Off Form & Final Invoice

All you have to do is pay the final invoice and sign the End of Project form to signify that you accept the final product and acknowledge that the project is complete.

Step 10: Transfer of Copyright

During the writing process I, Darla Antoine, retain the copyright over all the work produced. Once the Final Invoice has been paid and the End of Project Sign Off form is completed, the copyright transfers to you in full.

Free Consult Call

Click the button below to chose a convenient time on my calendar for us to meet by Zoom to talk about and initiate your project.

Copywriting Intensive
This is for you when you’re building or rebuilding your website from the ground up and want a complete copy overhaul.

All said and done this is what’s included:

  • A 90-minute intake and strategy call
  • Identification of Your One True Marketing Message
  • A bio statement describing you and your work
  • Feminist and culturally-inclusive website copy for four (4) webpages
  • 2 Rounds of revisions
  • A 30-minute clarification call if either of us needs it
  • 10 pieces of short copy for social media
  • Strategy suggestions for marketing online from a feminist and culturally-inclusive perspective


Sales Page Copywriting Services

Want the sales page for your new service or offering to be written effectively from a feminist and culturally-inclusive perspective?  Look no further.

This is what’s included:

  • A 90-minute intake and strategy call
  • Feminist and culturally-inclusive sales copy for one (1) webpage
  • 2 Rounds of revisions
  • A 30-minute clarification call if either of us needs it
  • 5 pieces of short copy for social media
  • A promotional bio statement to use across social media during your launch
  • Strategy suggestions for marketing online from a feminist and culturally-inclusive perspective

Copy Consulting & Editing

This service is for you if you already have stellar copy in place but would like to have it reviewed and edited to be feminist and culturally-inclusive.

Here’s what you get:

  • A 90-minute intake and strategy call
  • Feminist and culturally-inclusive consulting and editing suggestions for up to five (5) webpages
  • 2 Rounds of revisions
  • A 30-minute clarification call if either of us needs it

Not sure what you need? No worries, we can figure that out together in the free consult call. I’m looking forward to talking with you!