Hi, I’m Darla.

I help mixed-lineage spiritual seekers, like you, who are ready to deeply explore the connections between cultural and spiritual health. Together we can connect with the strengths and blessings of your ancestry while healing ancestral wounds. The result is a deep-rooted understanding of your spiritual resources (and responsibilities) coupled with cultural tools and frameworks that help you make sense of your unique experience in the world as someone who is mixed race, multi-cultural or multi-gendered. (P.S. I have a master’s degree in this ish.)


I help you tap into the cultural and spiritual wisdom of your DNA.

So whether you’re seeking a way into a lineage that has been all but cut off by genocide, assimilation or neglect, or you want to explore the nuances in your homogeneity (as a German-Irish American, for example), together we can follow the threads back to your deepest roots and unearth them for cultural and spiritual wisdom, guidance and healing.

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Pepper: Spice, Medicine and Soulmate to Salt

Last week I kicked off the Food, Culture, Ancestors: The Series, by examining the history and ancestral applications of salt. This week, it's only fitting to also examine salt's faithful sidekick: pepper. Last week we went over why salt is a necessary element to the...

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Salt: Sacred & Mundane

Welcome to the first article in the Food, Culture, Ancestors Series! This is a 52-week series that will explore our cultural identities and ancestral connections through the lens of food. The loose framework/idea is to begin  by exploring common spices and then move...

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On Honoring Thresholds & Liminal Spaces

As I write this, we in the Northern Hemisphere are upon the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice, like the Summer Solstice, is a threshold, a time of transition. The word "threshold" may conjure up images of a doorway, hallway or other passageway that takes you from...

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