Hi, I’m Darla.

I believe that food is sacred.

Food is a powerful vessel for story, culture, connection, identity and belonging.

         Food situates us in memory and in place, anchoring us to the physical and the spiritual.

The wisdom we can access through food creates a spiritual practice that nourishes us, body and soul, because it’s not surface-level or skimmed off the top of other cultures– it’s bone deep and already encoded in our familial wisdom lineages.

We’ve been separated from these wisdom lineages by convenience culture, patriarchy, industrialization and diet culture– among many other things.


I believe in the ceremony of breaking bread as an ancestral & spiritual technology.

And I believe this technology is sorely needed in this new world we are trying to birth– a world that needs us to re-member the relationships between ancestor and descendant, past and future, tangible and intangible.

It’s not that our ancient wise ones knew everything or lived everything perfectly. It is that they were in relationship to their ancestors and to their descendants and lived according to those relationships.

And how do we create and nourish relationships? How do we heal and celebrate relationships?

How do we re-member ourselves into a relationship?

With Food.

 (P.S. I have a master’s degree in this ish.)