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Everyone has a book in them.

Not everyone is a writer.

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Darla Antoine.

I’m a ghostwriter who specializes in working with thought leaders, incognito mystics, humanitarians and other world-changing professionals.

I can help you craft your intellectual property, your life story or hard-won experiences into a genius book proposal or an industry-shattering book. Whether I ghostwrite for you or guide you through your own writing process, I’m here for you.

Say goodbye to procrastination, false starts and overwhelm! My services are completely customizable to your needs, desires and your own writing skills.

If you’ve ever been inspired, healed or moved by something someone said or wrote then you know first hand that . . .

Words Have Power.

As a business owner, community influencer and/or thought leader, you wield a lot of responsibility. I KNOW you care about what kind of mark you leave on the world. And. You only have so many hours in a day. Your stories, insights and expertise can spark amazing transformations in readers and communities— people you might not be able to serve otherwise.

Writing a book, writing your book, is a fantastic and smart way to reach more people, solidify yourself as an expert or authority in your field and to expand your opportunities to include speaking, teaching and collaborating on projects and causes dearest to your heart. Plus: Did you know that is the world’s second most-used search engine? In other words, people are going to Amazon looking for books on your topic. Let’s give them what they’re looking for!


Let’s turn your message into medicine and magic for all of the hearts who read it.

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