The Earth Is Our Original Ancestor

The research is clear: we live in the most tech-connected era of history, yet we’re the most socially and emotinoally disconnected people in the world.

         I believe that re-membering our connection to the Earth is the key to better health, greater wealth, and a better ability to do our work as healers, mystics, and lightworkers.

Hi. I’m Darla.

I believe that we need nature to help us thrive.

Not just survive, but thrive. The wisdom we can access through nature creates a spiritual practice that nourishes us, body and soul, because it’s not surface-level or skimmed off the top of other cultures– it’s bone deep and already encoded in our DNA.

We’ve been separated from this wisdom by convenience culture, patriarchy, and industrialization – among many other things.

I believe this new world we are trying to birth is a world that needs us to re-member the relationships between ancestor and descendant, past and future, tangible and intangible. 

Between body and earth.

It’s not that our ancient wise ones knew everything or lived everything perfectly. It is that they were in relationship to their ancestors and to their descendants and lived according to those relationships. I’ve been actively working and studying this material for years (with a Master’s Degree, too!). I know that the more you nourish yourself, the better you can nourish your clients. 

Whether it’s standing barefoot in the grass and soaking up the sun, or gathered around a table with food prepared by loving hands, this connection, this re-membering, is important for every healer and mystic.

And yet we often forget.

We’re busy serving clients, our loved ones, our businesses. We forget about OUR connection, our NEED to re-connect to our source, so that we can replenish ourselves and be ready to serve others. 

It’s time to remember… 

That you need nature as much as nature needs you.

That the Earth is the source of all healing and you are connected to that source.

It’s time to re-member and rekindle a joyful heart, at peace, that THRIVES in this world.

My mission is to help the healers, mystics, and lightworkers of this world reconnect themselves so they are better equipped to serve their clients.