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Professionally Trained Journalist & Researcher

When you work with me you get transparent, inclusive, trauma-informed, intersectional and soulful writing that reflects the values and vision of you and your work.

Hello. I’m Darla Antoine

I bring a B.A and 20 years of experience in journalism (including newspaper, radio and magazine), a M.A. in intercultural communication and am an Okanagan (Syilx) First Nations woman. 


I’ve got the education, experience and writing chops to help you get your book into the world. I also have expert interviewing skills for drawing the story out of you and your case studies (if applicable), and am a stickler for research and facts. My identity means I bring a point of view and life experience rarely found in the ghostwriting world.


I specialize in writing for thought leaders, humanitarians and other people “walking the mystical path with practical feet” because that’s what I’ve done/am doing.


I fundamentally get the joy of being a leader in your industry, the struggle of seeing the world differently from your peers and the pressure (and sometimes confusion) that can come from feeling like an undercover mystic. My writing skills will convey your authority, your truth and sacred mission, all at a level suited to your ideal reader.

Communication is the thread that runs through my life and work. I have:

  • Spent my entire life bridging two worlds as an Okanagan (Syilx) First Nations woman and a descendant of settler-colonialists . . . and now I’m an expat living in Costa Rica. What this means for you: I have first-hand experience navigating more than one culture (re: frame for reality) at a time with words, thoughts and actions


  • a B.A. in journalism and mass communication with an emphasis in public relations and 10 years of experience working in print and radio Native Media (notably: Native America Calling as an associate producer and at Indian Country Today as a columnist). What this means for you: I have the training and the experience to know exactly how to frame a story in a way that informs, inspires and incites people to take action.


  • An M.A. in intercultural communication with emphasis in feminist communication. What this means for you: I’ve got 10,000+ hours on my belt, honing my writing and understanding how and why humans create culture and how to best navigate across cultures. This refers to ethnic cultures, yes, but also to work, class, geographic, national, and sub-cultures as well. We all are navigating multiple cultural identities at once. The people we are trying to serve and inspire are also navigating multiple cultural identities. I can help you pinpoint cultural blind spots and ensure your book lands the way you want it to land, with the people whom you want it to land with.


  • 5 years of experience teaching public speaking to undergraduates (and was nominated for an award based on my teaching style!) What this means for you: I can help you draft or finalize your great speech or help craft your intellectual property into a public presentation, key note, etc.


  • Lived in Spain for two years and currently have lived in Costa Rica for nine years. I’m also 85% fluent in Spanish. What this means for you: I’ve got a multi-faceted and complex cultural worldview that helps me look at the story you’re trying to tell through many lenses and opportunities. This helps me bring nuance and distinction to the words we choose to communicate the value, benefit and transformation you’re promising your clients.


  • Spent over 10 years being actively trained as a spiritual worker. What this means for you: I’ve been in the trenches of my own spiritual business. I know the challenges of trying to describe the indescribable. I know what is expected of sacred space holders by their clients and I know the particular ups and downs of this responsibility. I bring this understanding and experience into our professional relationship so that you know you are understood, held and supported by my process.

Fun Facts About My Personal Life:

I’m a mother to two young sons, ages 7 and 5

I met my husband while I was on vacation in Costa Rica trying to get over a divorce. He was a tour guide . . . but not MY tour guide (now he is!)

Together with his family we steward over 1,000 acres of private forest reserve and nature sanctuary

We run TWO organic, sustainable farms and a high mountain guest lodge

I love hiking and walking in our forests for stress-relief, exercise, forest bathing and nature communion

I homeschool our kids using the Forest School method

I like to express myself creatively through hand lettering and art journaling

I cannot stand the feel or sound of velvet. I mean CANNOT. It makes my fingernails itch

Also: Papaya is gross

My first crush was Mighty Mouse


Our words have power.

Let’s use them to create a reality that is just, equitable, transparent, holistic and inclusive.