Hello! I’m Darla

I’m a spiritual worker, mother and ancestral healer living and working in the high mountains of Costa Rica.


I’m also an Okanagan First Nations member, a student and a teacher.

I use my experience as a mixed-race, marginalized woman, my master’s degree in intercultural communication and my training as an ancestral healer to help spiritual seekers connect to the wisdom and blessings of their ancestral lines. I also help seekers feel connected to their bodies, their homes and the land they live on by tending our ancestral connections to food, hearth magic and land spirits.

I believe that we cannot truly make space for a new way of being in the world without first healing the greed, racism, oppression, suffering, blatant disregard for the earth and other social diseases first created or experienced by our ancestors. Healing our ancestors removes their wounds from the collective conscious and subconscious. It removes the hungry ghosts and creates breathing room for rethinking old ideas and employing new ones.

Here’s what  I’m currently working on:

Working 1:1 with spiritual seekers to heal their ancestral wounds and receive ancestral blessings so that they, and their Sacred Work, can move forward in the world.

Creating ancestrally and culturally relevant courses to avoid cultural appropriation and spiritual bypassing in our sacred practices. Including a program called Gather which might just change the way you look at food forever and another one called Full Circle which helps us tap into the wisdom within dark nights of the soul and other life transitions.

Finally, I’ve created the Geomystic™ Academy, first nature school for healers and mystics. It synthesizes nature connection, ritual, field work and magic. Learn more here.

You can also find me on Instagram, which I use as my micro blog.

As Seen On will catch you up on my guest appearances, live and on podcasts.

Here’s what got me ready to help you connect with and tend your own ancestrally-based spiritual practice or lifestyle:

  • I have a B.A. in journalism and mass communication and spent a decade working in Native Media (notably: Native America Calling as an associate producer and for Indian Country Today as a columnist). I also worked for a small mid-western newspaper where I routinely covered Hispanic and Native communities and their concerns. I have deep passion and skill at helping people tell their stories. Your stories. Your ancestors stories.
  • I have a M.A. in intercultural communication and wrote my master’s thesis on how food creates and sustains cultural identity. I have spent 10,000 hours analyzing and studying just how it is we create our cultural identities and how this knowledge is passed down through the generations in many ways but specifically through food. This includes understanding how diet culture and fast food chains have disrupted this lineage.
  • I’ve studied, practiced and am near fluent in a second language, Spanish. I have trained my mind to look at reality from many different lenses and possible points of view.
  • I grew up in my Okanagan ancestral homelands. I know what it’s like to be rooted to a place and landscape through the bones of the ancestors in the earth beneath my feet. I also have lived, loved and mothered on a high mountain farm in Costa Rica for over seven years because I fell in love with a Costa Rican man. I know what it’s like to make a life and raise a family where I have no roots– and how to become rooted anyway.
  • I’m trained privately with many intuitive and spiritual teachers over the last 10 years– teachers who are grounded, practical and as ethical as they are spiritual and psychic. These teachers include: Anna Sayce, Slade Roberson, Daniel Foor and Mary Shutan. I’ve put in the leg work to become a talented and effective spiritual worker. I’ve got a community and systems in place to keep me accountable, ethical and as an effective spiritual worker.

What this means for you:

I can help you create a spiritual practice that truly nourishes you without cultural appropriation, Othering, traveling to find it “elsewhere” and spiritual bypassing.

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